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Rules of Permanent Tan

Get ready to learn some rules of permanent tan with Boots Offers! There are many useful and quality cosmetics in their stores. Moreover, prices of many popular products have dropped now!

Do you want your perfect tan, which you have achieved with preservatives, tanners and extra care routines, to maintain its freshness when you return from vacation? We have brought together some rules of long-term tan that will keep the pleasant memory of the summer season alive for you with Boots Offers!

Ultra Humidity

The primary rule of a permanent tan is ‘moisture’. You should apply moisturizing products to your body every day so that the skin worn out by the sun does not peel off and maintain its vitality. Aftersun products, tanning oils and refreshing care mist are among the products that support the skin. If you are looking for these products, you should visit the Boost! You will encounter unbeatable deals here!

Bronze Care

In addition to your classic body moisturizers, you can also get help from self-tanner or tan-enhancer products that will support your tan and provide extra care. Thus, by not allowing your tan to fade, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Energetic Tan

You will be surprised to have a fresh and even tan like the first day, but peeling is a must. Try the dry brush technique, which will be gentler to your skin and leave behind an energetic, smooth tan, instead of products that are drying and produce extreme results.

Shower Gels

Avoid shower gels that will dry out your skin. A moist skin is a must for a smooth tan. Make your bath routine tan-friendly with body cleansing oils and cold water. It is possible to find the best products of many brands in Boost Sale! View their latest products range!

Bronze Makeup

Your face is the first area of your body that attracts attention. You can keep the impression that you just came back from vacation for a long time by carrying the effect of your summer glow to your make-up with a bronzer that you will blend on the areas of your face that meet the sun.

Contrasting colors

Your choice of clothing is also of great importance in the effect of your tan. Create the illusion of a more bronze skin with light, warm or bright colored pieces that will contrast with your skin.

Luminous Oils

A little sparkle and a touch of gold will accentuate your tan. The radiant body oils that you will add to your body care routine not only moisturize your skin but also underline your skin tone, giving it extra shine and vitality. View the latest Boost UK product range and get your favorite at low prices!

Plenty of Water

Water is one of the skin’s greatest food sources. We have said that moist and healthy skin is the most important point in protecting your tan. Keep the golden effect of summer on your skin with your skin, which you take care of and moisturize by drinking plenty of water.

So here are rules of permanent tan with Boost Sale UK! For more discounts and beauty tips, visit the home page. Also, follow us on Facebook to see the latest cosmetic offers!

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Anti-Aging Care Guide

In this article, we share a good anti-aging care guide with the best skin care from the latest Avon Brochure!

As you get older, you may encounter different complaints and reactions on your skin compared to before. Even a trace of a pillow may take longer to disappear on the skin whose regeneration rate slows down and its basic building block stores are reduced. Fine wrinkles, tissue problems, tenderness; In short, your skin can expect a little more care.

At this point, you may feel that you need to use more than sunscreen and moisturizer. There are skin care products for every problem, in different formulations and with a wide range of ingredients. This can be confusing when trying to make your grooming ritual more inclusive. If you are a newcomer to your anti-aging care routine, check out this guide with AVON Products.


First of all, let’s underline that the skin must have moisture and a protective barrier to stay young. For this, the first step in our anti-aging care guide is cleansers with gentle formulas. There are many good cleansers on the latest Avon Catalogue! You should give a chance to them!

Avoid harsh formulas that purify the skin of its natural oils and play with the structure of its top layer. If you have put on make-up or feel the need for a deep cleansing, you can apply a dual-phase application. For this, you can first use cleansing oils that break down make-up and dirt, and then a foaming but non-drying facial cleansing product.


You don’t have the luxury of skipping sunscreen in your anti-aging care routine. It is necessary to use sunscreen whenever there is light, whether in summer or winter, on sunny or cloudy days, at home or outside.

Let us remind you that this care ritual is not only healing but also preventive. And let us state that you should always keep your guard high against the problems caused by the harmful rays of the sun on the skin. You should check the latest Avon Brochure UK and get the best for your skin!

Day Care

Serums are one of your strongest allies in the beauty game where you race against time. It is useful to choose different serums for the skin that reacts differently to care products during the day and at night.

You can choose the serum that you will use during the day from products that protect and defend the skin against external factors. Antioxidant serums, formulas with Vitamin C, products that shield against free radicals are among the sine qua non of your day care. If you are looking for some of them, take a look at the Avon Catalog. There are many useful Avon skincare here.

Night Care

Between the hours of 23:00 – 03:00 and at the time of efficient sleep, the speed of regeneration and self-repair of the skin reaches the highest level. That’s why it’s time to use the strongest anti-aging products in your evening routine.

At this point, one of the most effective tips for the beginner level is to apply retinoid serums not directly to the skin, but to your moisturizer that you have thoroughly fed into the skin. With this method, you can protect the skin against the active property of retinoid.


And of course, our must-have moisturizers! First of all, let’s say that you should not expect a moisturizer to make a strong difference on the skin as concentrated care products. Because their first task is to moisturize the skin, after all. Other features are side benefits.

Around the eyes

The area around the eyes, which has the thinnest skin on the face along with the lips, is one of the areas where the signs of aging appear first and that require extra care. With age, environmental factors and the hustle and bustle of daily life, puffiness and dark circles may appear under the eyes. For this, you can get support from protective and illuminating products during the day and firming and regenerating products at night. View the Avon Specials and find the best for you at low prices!

Here is the Anti-Aging Care Guide with AVON Products! For more cosmetics, deals and beauty tips, visit the home page! And follow us on Facebook!

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Tips for Moisturizing Your Skin in the Transition to Summer

In this article, you will see tips for moisturizing your skin in the transition to summer with Clinique Offers! Even though our skin is exposed to dryness, cracks and irritation in winter due to bad weather conditions, it is very easy to get rid of them in the transition to summer.


Our skin dries much more than normal during the seasonal transitions and needs moisture. For this reason, apply the moisturizing cream suitable for your skin regularly in the morning and evening and prevent drying. There are many good moisturizers on Clinique UK! You should check them and find the best for your skin!


Even though the skin needs more moisture, it also needs not to lose that moisture. Tonics are your biggest helper in this regard! After washing your face well, wipe your skin with a tonic suitable for your skin type and let the moisture stay on your skin for a long time. A wide range of skincare are waiting for you on Clinique Brochure. It is possible to find tonic in Clnique Store! Visit its store and buy your favorite at low prices!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Due to the high temperatures in the summer, the skin quickly loses its moisture and creates dead skin. For this reason, it is very important to purify the dead skin after the moisturizing process. Make sure to cleanse your skin quickly from dead skin with ready-made peeling at least twice a week.

Clinique Offers This Week;

  • Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, £38
  • Moisture Surge Intense 72H Lipid-Replenishing Hydrator, £38
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, £32
  • 3-Step Skincare Routine Bundle, £79
  • 3-Step Skincare Routine Bundle – Oily, £79
  • Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly Anti-Pollution, £32
  • Superdefense SPF 25 Fatigue + 1st Signs Of Age Multi-
  • Correcting Cream, £43
  • Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream, £63
  • Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream SPF 15, £63
  • Clinique Smart SPF 15 Custom Moisturizer, £55
  • Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream, £65
  • Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator, £38

Here are good tips for moisturizing your skin in the transition to summer with Clinique Sale! If you want to see more cosmetic offers in the UK, check out the home page. Also, follow us on Facebook to see more discounts and product reviews!

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The Best Foundations for Summer 2021!

In this article, we shared the best foundations for summer 2021! You will see the best selections of top brands such as MAC, Dior, Clinique, and many more.

Foundations with sun protection factors or antioxidants that counter the signs of aging are challenging the era. Foundations with SPF provide extra protection against the damage caused by sun rays. It neutralizes free radicals with vitamins E and C. So it is suitable for those who are looking for an urgent solution, with a lifting effect and illuminating formula against fatigue or sagging.

MAC Mineralize SPF 15

Natural Vitality
Moisturizing, solid cream compact foundation. Provides smooth, medium buildable coverage and natural vibrancy. More pronounced changes can be observed, especially in pale and dry skin.

Clinique Even Better SPF15

Luminous Appearance
It gives a nude effect with its light and fresh texture that allows your skin to breathe. It provides excellent natural coverage with an instant glow. Thanks to its moisturizing structure, it is also guaranteed to relax at the maximum level.

Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup SPF 15

Energy from Water
Relaxing your skin with its special structure containing 40% water, Diorskin Nude Foundation illuminates the skin while covering imperfections with its natural appearance. Reflect your energy on your face with Dior Diorskin Nude Glow Fluide Dete, which is suitable for daily use!

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric

Perfect Appearance
Face Fabric, with its multi-purpose stretch technology, perfectly defines your facial features and offers a flawless and semi-matt appearance. Also, its silky texture does not create a heavy make-up feeling on your skin.

Guerlain Parure Le Lumiere Cream

Nasturtium extract, rich in sucrose and vitamin C, stimulates oxygenation processes in the skin tissue to provide vitality and freshness to the skin. The skin becomes plump by gaining moisture and vitality. It is possible to achieve perfectly smooth and extraordinary shine.

Yves Rocher Pure Light

Light Touches
Pure Light provides a comfortable use thanks to its thin and practical bottle with a pump and a lid. Suitable for all skin types looking for a light textured foundation. More importantly, it is Paraben free.

So here are The Best Foundations for Summer 2021 with MAC Offers, Clinique Offers, and Dior Offers! If you want to see more beauty tips, good product reviews, and offers, visit the home page. Also, follow us on Facebook and see the best cosmetics offers in the UK!

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Skin Care Before and After Makeup

Time to view skin care before and after makeup with the latest Avon Brochure! Cosmetic products are care products that make the skin look more lively. For this reason, make-up is an important part of our care routines when going out.

We make our choices about the products we choose to be suitable for our skin structure. In this sense, it is very important to maintain a healthy skin structure in the skin care. Before and after make-up skin care recommendations, the skin should be kept clean and natural cosmetic products should be used.

Skin Care Before and After Makeup

Thanks to the practical care applications, you can take useful steps to make your skin look much healthier and livelier by preserving its moisture. For this reason, it will be very skin-friendly recommendations for you to take advantage of various suggestions and natural content products from Avon Products on care applications. In addition to make-up products, it will be important for your skin health and beautiful appearance to make your choices meticulously in terms of pre- and post-make-up skin care recommendations. And products that you can use in a healthy way. Therefore, there are various points that you should pay attention to before and after make-up skin care recommendations with the best Avon Products.

Skin Care Before Makeup

Before applying make-up, your skin should have a healthy structure. The first condition of a healthy skin is a lively and clean care. In order for your skin to look healthy and beautiful, it is important to apply various care routines before applying make-up and to prepare your skin for make-up.

Before applying make-up, you need to be careful about cleaning the pores of your skin and preventing the materials that will fill this area. For this, it is important that you first take care of daily skin care. So you should check out Avon Catalog and view the best skin care!

Cleaning your face with natural mineral soaps, tonics and gels on a regular basis every day is necessary for a healthy and vibrant skin. As the next step, it is important to be meticulous about moisturizing your skin. In this sense, using a quality moisturizer after thoroughly cleaning your face before make-up paves the way for you to have a healthy skin.

Skin Care After Makeup

After make-up, just as before make-up, it is important for your skin to regain its former moisture and healthy appearance. In this sense, you can choose products with natural ingredients among the make-up removal products. Thus, you can use to purify your skin from the textured structure of make-up materials. You can choose the most suitable material for yourself by choosing between make-up removal water, various tonics and care products in natural after-make-up products from Avon Brochure UK.

AVON Skin Care

It is important for you to choose a skin-friendly soap after make-up. And then a quality moisturizing cream to get rid of the dry texture that your skin will gain. These soap and tonic options will be beneficial in addition to the rich mineral facial cleansing products you will use. They are important in this sense. A protective cream product will protect your skin in sunny weather. Avon Skin Care will also be an important investment for your skin in terms of pre- and post-make-up skin care recommendations. In addition, applying moisturizer is also important for pre- and post-make-up skin care recommendations.

If you want to purify your skin from dirt in a healthy way, the products you choose are important. In order for your skin to look healthy and beautiful after make-up, it is important that it is thoroughly cleansed of make-up. Therefore, when choosing many cosmetic product, you should be careful about their natural content. If you want to take care of your skin after make-up, you can reach the products with natural ingredients in a practical way with AVON Catalogue.

So here is Skin Care Before and After Makeup with AVON! If you want to see more beauty tips, visit the home page.

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Favorite Perfumes of the Summer Season

Let’s view favorite perfumes of the summer season with the most popular brands’ specials! If you want to leave behind a signature as perfect as a pleasant summer day, be sure to take a look at our favorite perfumes that you can use in hot climates.

Dior, Eden-Roc

We can say that this perfume embodies the sunlight, the scents of flowers and the freshness of the sea. Also, it is filled into a bottle of a summer evening on the French Riviera.

Jo Malone, Waterlily Cologne

This perfume makes a remarkable opening with neroli and ginger. It creates a floral and attractive scent with lily and lotus in its heart, and white musk and amber in its base notes.

Chanel, Gabrielle

This fragrance has an elegant aura with fresh floral notes such as ylang-ylang, tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine. It can be the favorite of those looking for an elegant, pleasant and stylish perfume.

Versace, Dylan Turquoise

Dylan Turquoise is a young, fresh and attractive fragrance. Combining the energetic attitude of mandarin and lemon with the lively aroma of blackcurrant and guava. This fragrance gains depth with touches of wood and musk.

Ex Nihilo, Exalt

Blending sophisticated Asian notes with a Parisian touch, this perfume is perfect for those who like clean scents. The product draws an elegant frame with white tea, rice and musk. It has gained a bright character with the enthusiasm of orange flower.

La Maison Valmont, Palazzo Nobile Sea Bliss

The musk in the bottom notes adds depth and softness to this perfume, which warms the salty and fresh marine notes with Tahitian gardenia. This fragrance, which invites you to travel, is the combination of the feeling of freedom with aromas.

Maison Martin Margiela, Matcha Meditation

Green tea, bergamot and mandarin orange in the top notes of Matcha Meditation add a refreshing effect to the perfume, while jasmine, orange blossom and white chocolate in the bottom notes give the fragrance an aromatic character.

Gucci, Bloom

Bloom, the first perfume of Alessandro Michele, consists of a special blend of tuberose, jasmine, lily and ‘quisqualis indica’ flower, which gives the perfume its character. Bloom is one of the new classics for those who like fresh and floral perfumes.

Louis Vuitton, On The Beach

With notes of yuzu lemon, orange blossom, thyme, rosemary and pink pepper, this perfume, which leaves a lively and warm effect at the same time, tells the story of the hot sand under your feet, the sweet coolness of the sea and the dazzling sunlight.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte

Concentrating on modern and timeless scents with its Cologne Forte collection, the perfume house tells the story of sea and sky with Aqua Celestia. Settling on the skin with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, mimosa and jasmine, this aromatic cocktail gains softness with a fruity musk accord.

Tom Ford, Soleil Brulant

Soleil Brulant, the most intense version of Soleil perfume, turns into an attractive, addictive scent that traps the warmth of the bright sun on the skin, thanks to amber and black honey that meet with citrus and floral notes.

Mes Bisous, Amberique

This fragrance makes an energetic opening with grapefruit. It puts a sweet summer kiss on your skin with rose, pink pepper and amber in the lower layers. Also, this perfume will leave a wonderful texture on your sun-warmed skin. It is a great choice for hot summer evenings.

YSL, Libre Intense

Intense perfumes are generally heavier and face winter, but this scent is not like that. Composed of tangerine, vetiver and vanilla notes, this perfume is the choice of those who want to have a characteristic scent.

Byredo, Sundazed

Blending mandarin orange and California lemon with floral aromas and musk, this perfume leaves the playful and energetic atmosphere of summer behind you like a signature.

So here are favorite summer perfumes of the summer season with the best brands’ selections. If you want to see more discounts, product reviews, and tips, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts and see more details.

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Korean Skin Care For A Healthy Skin

Let’s see Korean skin care for a healthy skin with products of Avon Brochure! Korean skin care has become a lifestyle nowadays. The result of the combination of Korean passion for healthy skin and scientific research, this new skincare phenomenon is producing mind-blowing results.

Today, Korean skin care is spread all over the world with the huge export figures of Korean cosmetic brands. This skincare trend aims to provide the skin with the most intense glow possible. Korean skin care routine promises a radiant and healthy skin for life. This special routine consists of many different phases. The skin care philosophy of the Koreans basically consists of three main practices:

  • Cleaning
  • Treatment
  • Protection

Each application has its own sub-stages. As Korean skincare becomes mainstream, it becomes easier to learn about these stages. This is why the famous Korean skin care routine consisting of 10 steps has become very common. They use cleansers, tonics, ampoules and essences that suit their skin needs, so that their skin has the moisture and cleanliness it needs. You can find all of them on Avon Catalogue!

Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean skin care philosophy requires applying the right products that the skin needs, in the right way and in the right order. The Korean skin care routine, which basically consists of 10 steps, is also available to make various additions on a weekly and monthly basis. Here are the Korean skin care routine steps that will make your skin look as healthy and shiny as glass.

Eye Makeup Cleanser

Koreans’ skin care routine starts with applying a special cleanser around the eyes, as the eye area is much thinner and more sensitive.

AVON Cleansers & Toners;

Double Cleanse

First, all make-up and dirt residues on the skin surface are dissolved with an oil-based cleanser. Then the pores are thoroughly cleaned with a foam or gel cleanser.


One of the principles of the Korean skincare routine is this: Less is better! Therefore, it is not recommended to do the peeling application every day.


With a tonic suitable for the skin type, all the residues of the skin cleansing stages are purified from the skin and the skin is prepared for the next stages.


Essences have a lighter structure than the serums. They prepare the skin for products to be applied in the future.


This stage must be the most exciting stage for skin care enthusiasts! This is where your favorite serums and ampoules come into play to heal and brighten your skin.

Avon Serums;

Sheet Masks

This step, of course, does not need to be practiced every day. However, a sheet mask that you will apply to your skin on a weekly basis will trap moisture in your skin and contribute to the formation of that radiant appearance.

Eye Cream

At this stage, you can apply eye cream suitable for the age group to the eye area. It requires special attention and care.


In this step, you are close to completing the Korean skin care routine. You can apply moisturizer to provide the skin with the moisture it needs.

AVON Moisturiser;

Sun Screen

The most important tip in Korean beauty secrets! At the end of all these stages, you can apply sunscreen everyday.

Here is Korean Skin Care For A Healthy Skin with the latest Avon Brochure! If you want to see more Avon Products, visit the home page.

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Important Step of Daily Routine: Facial Tonic

In this article, we shared some useful info about facial tonic and Origins United State Balancing Tonic with Origins Offers.You should never skip the facial cleansing step in your skin care routine.

Facial tonic is an indispensable part of this process. This ingredient, which is often forgotten and neglected, has important touches on your beauty with its effects on your skin: Purifying, equalizing the skin tone and moisturizing it. However, many of us still do not realize what a tonic really is; He even has misconceptions about what it does.

What is a Origins United State Balancing Tonic?

A facial toner looks like water and acts like water. But it is often filled with more than hydrogen and oxygen. Depending on the type of tonic, it may also contain acids, glycerine, antioxidants or anti-inflammatories. Containing active ingredients designed to refresh and revitalize your skin. Origins United State Balancing Tonic balances the pH level of the skin and minimize the appearance of pores and prepare your skin for the care you will apply afterwards.

To better understand the function of facial toner, think of your skin as a dried sponge. If you apply a thick layer of cream to a brittle and dry sponge, it will not penetrate into it. However, if you wet the sponge, the cream can penetrate more easily. Therefore, you can consider this important step in your skin care routine as a preparation for your pores. In this way, your skin can easily absorb skin care products.

What does a Origins United State Balancing Tonic do?

We briefly touched on the benefits of facial tonic for skin care. However, some are formulated for a specific purpose. You can come across different types of tonics such as moisturizing tonics, stimulating tonics, firming tonics, and soothing tonics. Make sure to add this important step to your care routine by making a choice for your skin type and needs. We can briefly answer the question of what is the use of facial tonic as follows:

Origins United State Balancing Tonic provides a deeper cleaning. It cleans make-up residues and excess oil and dirt formed day and night.
• Provides a balanced skin. It repairs the skin with its beneficial substances and helps with skin problems.
• Your skin is naturally acidic with its pH level. Some cleaning products are alkaline. Using a product with a different pH level than your skin can cause dryness, oiliness or irritation. Facial tonic, on the other hand, provides quick balancing of pH levels.
• Other products you use are better absorbed by your skin.

How to use Origins United State Balancing Tonic?

You can apply the facial toner with the help of a cotton pad or with your hands. If you are going to use cotton, first wet it with toner and then clean your face gently. While doing this, try not to touch sensitive areas such as the eyes and around the eyes.

If you are going to use your hands, put a few drops of toner in your palm and gently pat your face with your hands. You can also use the same methods to apply tonic to your neck and chest area.

When should I use Origins United State Balancing Tonic?

You should use the facial toner in the morning and at night after cleansing your face and before applying your serum or cream. This general usage can of course vary at certain times of the year or depending on the specific needs of your skin.

Also, if you do sports or participate in outdoor activities, don’t forget to keep your facial toner in your bag. You will be surprised to see the dirt accumulated on your skin even in places intertwined with nature.

Here is Origins United State Balancing Tonic and some useful information about tonics. Also, browse its category page and see the best skincare and good Origins offers! And follow us on Facebook to see more cosmetics offers in the UK.