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How to Clean Makeup Sponge?

Discover how to clean makeup sponge with Boots Sale! The make-up sponge is an indispensable part of make-up applications. It has an important place in the use of almost every make-up material. These sponges allow for a more balanced and homogeneous distribution and natural-looking make-up. They can meet your needs for long periods of time without wearing out if used correctly.

As long as you know how to clean the makeup sponge, which we sometimes know as a foundation sponge, and wash and use it correctly, your sponge will be long-lasting and your makeup will be one click away! If you are looking for a good makeup sponge or cleansers, you should visit Boots Store!

How to Use Makeup Sponge?

The make-up sponge is especially used for make-up materials that are required to be spread on the skin surface in equal layers. You can use a sponge to spread foundation, powder or creams that are part of your makeup routine.
In order to use the make-up sponge correctly, you need to apply the product in small spots on the areas.

You can then spread the foundation or other products that you apply equally on every part of the face on your skin with a make-up sponge.

Likewise, it is possible to apply the materials that you will use in narrower areas such as illuminator, concealer or blush with a make-up sponge. While applying these materials, you can perform more delicate operations by using the pointed end of your makeup sponge.

There is also a useful tip on how to use a makeup sponge. It can be very useful to wet your sponge so that it is slightly moist. Especially when applying make-up in brighter tones. The sponge, which swells with moisture and wetness, provides a much more comfortable application.

How to Clean Makeup Sponge?

It is very important that you clean your make-up sponge properly so that it will last much longer and maintain its properties. In order to do this, there are a few tricks you need to pay attention to. Paying attention to these issues, especially while washing the make-up sponge, will help you to protect your sponge from deterioration.

Since the make-up sponge absorbs all make-up materials due to its structure, you must clean correctly. The cleaning of the sponge is recommended to be washed and cleaned after two or three uses. It should be done without wearing it.

It is possible to clean your sponge easily with special cleaning sprays or materials produced for cleaning make-up sponges. If you do not have access to such a product, you can also wash your sponge with classic white soap.

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After washing the sponge, you should avoid drying it with tools such as a hair dryer. If you do not leave the sponge to dry on its own and intervene from the outside, you can damage its structure and make it unusable.

Washing the makeup sponge is very important for your health in addition to making your makeup much more comfortable. These sponges have a structure suitable for accumulation of bacteria on them. You can disrupt the oil balance of your skin and you may encounter conditions such as acne and acne. Likewise, cleaning the make-up sponge used by more than one person after each use is extremely important for your skin health.

Although cleaning the make-up sponge extends its lifespan, it is recommended to replace the sponge every few months in order not to deteriorate the structure of the sponge and to protect your skin health. You can make your makeup routine much more enjoyable with the long-lasting and natural makeup sponges you can find at Boots Sale.

Avon Brochure

The Ultimate Blush Guide with AVON

In this article, you will see the ultimate blush guide with AVON! You should read it in detail and discover the best tips and special products from Avon Brochure!

There are many blush application techniques for a perfect make-up. But you may have a hard time deciding which of these is right for you. First of all, you should make sure that you choose the right blush when making a decision. Then you should determine the face shape and apply the right techniques. You can take a look at the blush application guide according to the face shape we recommend for you. View the Blush Guide with AVON!

Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Oval face: It has similar features with a round face in terms of full cheeks. However, the oval face has a flatter appearance. According to oval face shape, it is not round when applying blush; You can apply it to the outer part of your cheeks, extending outward. You can get a brighter look by distributing the blush evenly.

Round face: The most important detail in this face shape is plump cheeks. You can apply blush in pink or peach tones to the outer and upper parts of the cheekbones using a fluffy brush. If you want to apply a blush contour, you should apply the blush from the top of your cheeks to your ears. You should prefer peach-toned colors.

Square face: If you have an angular face, your jawline is very clear. When applying blush according to square face shape, you should apply it starting from the cheekbones towards the temples. In this way, you can make your face look more rounded. By applying blush to the bridge of the nose, temples and eyelids, you can add depth to your face and achieve integrity.

Heart-shaped face: If you have a face that tapers towards the chin, just above the cheekbones is the best place to apply blush. In order to draw the eyes higher with the angle of the chin, you should apply the blush directly upwards while applying the blush to the cheekbones.

It is very important that you apply blush with the right techniques to highlight your cheeks. A wrong application of blush can make a perfect makeup look very bad. Thanks to blush, you can learn how important it is to use the right techniques as well as to make up with the right products.

Things to Consider When Choosing Blush

There are quite a lot of variants of blush for different skin types. Blush types differ according to skin type. For example, blushes with nourishing and moisturizing properties are the most suitable for dry skin. As a result of using and choosing the wrong blush, the blush of the skin may vomit or fill the lines on the face. To avoid this, you should know the type of blush that is suitable for your skin.

Powder blush: The most common type of blush. You can easily apply it to your cheeks with a brush. If you only have dry skin, you should definitely moisturize your skin before applying makeup. In this way, you can prevent your blush from flaking off and filling the lines on your face. You can have a quality powder blush by choosing among the luminous colors from the latest Avon Brochure.

Liquid blush: You can apply these liquid blushes with the help of a brush and your hand. You can choose to get the most natural blush look. But if your skin is oily or acne-prone, you should avoid liquid blushes.

Pencil blush: One of the most practical blush types that you can use during the day. You can quickly distribute it with your fingers without using a brush. But if you have dry skin, it is difficult to diffuse; so we advise you to avoid using it.

Cream blush: Thanks to its creamy structure, it gives the skin a lively look. It has the feature of maintaining its permanence for a long time. If you have dry and normal skin, it is definitely the right blush for you.

Gel blush: It is one of the most difficult blush types in terms of blush application techniques according to the face shape. You should apply it quickly, as it dries immediately when it comes into contact with air. Otherwise, it may dry out and become lumpy. If you have smooth skin and you are sure that you can apply it correctly, you can achieve a natural look.

Foam blush: It stands out with its light structure and does not weigh on the skin. It gives a bright appearance by giving a natural glow.

AVON has a wide range of colors. Thanks to its natural coloring effect, it creates a soft and silky appearance on the cheeks. Since it is thin and smooth, you can also mix it with other make-up materials. It has high pigment and is suitable for all skin structures. After choosing the color that suits you, you can have a perfect make-up by looking at the information above about how to apply blush.

Here is Blush Guide with AVON Catalogue! Let’s check its category page and see more beauty tips and special Avon Products! Here u go!

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M.A.C Cosmetics Makeup Base for All Skin Types

In this article, we shared the best M.A.C Cosmetics Makeup Base for all skin types! Also, you will see good discounts and exclusive selections. You should read it and discover the best selections and special tricks!

Makeup base is the most important step of your daily makeup routine, you can think of makeup base as the perfect canvas for a picture. M.a.c makeup bases are made for all skin types to create a flat surface for flawless makeup application.

MAC Offers This Week;

  • PREP + PRIME SKIN, £26.00
  • FIX+ / TEMPTING FATE, £24.00
  • 159S DUO FIBRE BLUSH, £28.00
  • PREP + PRIME FIX+ (SHIMMER), £22.00

The main purpose of a makeup primer is to soften skin texture and this is an excellent way to create a truly even complexion. So how do you know which makeup base and formula is best for you? The answer depends on what you want your makeup primer to do, the skin type you have or skin tone.

Makeup Base for All Skin Types

Make-up bases can close the pores, remove blemishes and fine lines, moisturize the skin, mattify it and add lasting power to the make-up. When she wants to apply a foundation to her skin, add a primer to her beauty routine.

Benefits of Using Makeup Base

A makeup primer used before foundation can reduce redness, moisturize, reduce large pores, add shine and radiance to the skin, facilitate foundation application, mattify the skin and control oil in sensitive skin. One of the biggest advantages of make-up base is that it makes the foundation last longer… It offers you a permanent and perfect skin. So whatever your beauty needs, M.A.C Cosmetics Makeup has the best makeup base for your skin.

Here are MAC Cosmetics Makeup Base for all skin types! If you want to see more products, deals, and beauty tips, visit the home page. Also, you can view its category page and see more MAC Offers!

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7 Skin Problems in Fall and Their Solutions

Today’s topic is about 7 Skin problems in fall and their solutions from Boots Sale! Unfortunately, the change of weather is not good for the skin. Your skin may react harshly to sudden temperature drops and differing daily routines. We explored 7 skin problems and solutions that emerged in the fall with Boots Offers!

Skin Dryness and Sensitivity

Facial care is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to during seasonal transitions. The skin becomes dry and sensitive with the change of air. It may appear irritated, dry and flaky. By replenishing your moisturizer with stronger formulas or by getting support from rescue masks, you can calm and heal your skin, which signals an emergency. In addition to all these, steam baths that will relax and pamper your skin are among our favourites. If you are looking for healthy and natural solutions, browse Boost Sale! It is possible to reach many types of cosmetics here!


Rosacea, a problem related to capillaries, may be triggered in the skin that becomes sensitive and unbalanced with air change, or if you have this complaint, the alarm level may increase. After consulting your dermatologist, you can get support from specially formulated products that nourish your skin, create a shield against harsh factors and relieve inflammation in the skin.

Body Dryness and Tissue Disorder

The drying effect of cold air also manifests itself in the body. Therefore, choose your body care products that you replace with lotions in the summer from cream formulas in the new season. You can also use scrubs, dry brushing and body scrubs to quickly remove tissue damage and even out the skin. In addition, although a hot shower feels good during this period, high heat can cause the skin to dry out. Therefore, it is beneficial to leave your bath routine at warmer temperatures.

Increasing Dandruff Problem

Your scalp is also affected by the changing climate. Scalp, which can be oilier in summer, can produce bacteria and fungi; On top of all this, the cold air can dry out your scalp. With these factors, the increasing dandruff problem can get out of control. Even your eyebrows may suffer without dandruff. Shampoos, lotions and sprays: Find the right solution for seasonal dandruff by consulting your dermatologist. There are many anti-dandruff shampoo on product range of Boots! Check their offers and get the best for you!

Chapped Lips

The skin of the lips is the most sensitive area on your face, along with the area around your eyes. No wonder that lips, which react to even small changes, are affected by the dramatic difference in air temperature. For your chapped and sore lips, throw a balm into your makeup bag that you will refresh during the day. You can also get support from lip masks for extra care. If you need a lip balm, you must take a look at the newest Boots offers in the UK! They are many exclusive selections now. Moreover, most of them are on discount now!

Keratosis Pilaris

We can also explain this scientific name as lumps appearing behind the elbows. This situation, which occurs mostly in seasonal transitions and cold weather, may also be genetic. If you are experiencing tissue disorders periodically, take advantage of products with salicylic acid that exfoliate the skin. A little retinol that you will apply in the evening will also help to improve the skin surface.


If you have atopic skin, your skin, which is affected by even minimal changes, will be affected by S.O.S. may be inclined to give signals. Cold weather, temperature difference between inside and outside and wind can cause itching, dryness and inflammation to increase. After consulting your dermatologist, support your care routine with products formulated for sensitive skin and specially designed for atopic skin.

Here are 7 Skin Problems in Fall and Their Solutions with Boots Sale! For more cosmetics and discounts, visit the home page!

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Energy Booster Care Products

In this article, you will encounter energy booster care products from Clinique and Origins! You should check this article and discover the best skin care products!

Sometimes you wake up, but we can’t say the same for your skin. Let’s admit that we can’t always have a regular sleep routine. Some nights are much longer than others, and some days are much more tiring than others. It wouldn’t be a lie if we say that when we try to wake up our brains with a double-shot espresso on mornings like this, our faces are not very dry! Just like our brains need caffeine, our skin also needs an energy drink. At this point, we turn to invigorating and energizing skin care products.

Energy Booster Care Products

Facial care products that have the effect of an energy drink on your face make you ready for a busy and tiring day. You can create an alarm clock effect on your face with these care products that relieve your complaints such as insomnia, fatigue and dullness that affect your skin. These care products, which have a stimulating effect on your morning skin care routine with their vitamin and mineral contents, ensure that you are ready for morning meetings.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C

Activated when mixed with water, this cleanser in powder form offers the power of pure and fresh Vitamin C in a highly concentrated form. With this care product that illuminates your skin and equalizes the skin tone, you can have an energetic appearance by accelerating the cell renewal of your skin.

GinZing Energy-boosting treatment lotion mist

Described as an energy drink for the skin, this mist gives your skin an energetic look with its refreshing and oil-free formula. This mist, containing Panaks ginseng and coffee beans, as well as nourishing pomegranate, optimizes cell regeneration, making you have a more radiant and lively appearance.

So here are Energy Booster Care Products from Origins Offers and Clinique Offers! For more cosmetics and special discounts, you can visit the home page.

Oriflame Catalogue

The Best Cosmetics from ORIFLAME

Here are the best cosmetics from Oriflame! It is a Swedish brand that has been producing personal care products for women and men since 1967. Oriflame produces perfumes suitable for today’s trends and fashion, quality shampoos for your hygiene. You can also use Oriflame Catalogue to have the products necessary to open the doors of a well-groomed and healthy life.

Oriflame Perfumes

One of the prominent products of the brand is its perfumes. They are adorned with pleasant and impressive scents. Oriflame perfumes have an effect as if they carry your signature wherever you go, stand out in the categories of women and men. Oriflame women’s perfumes explain that they are equipped with elegant scents with their very stylish bottles. They are usually offered for sale in bottles with a volume of 30 or 50 ml. Violet leaves, peony and praline are among the prominent fragrance components in an Oriflame women’s perfume. Queen of the Night is one of the popular perfumes. And it is very attractive with notes of blackberry, jasmine flower and royal jelly. Also, you can meet Oriflame Divine.

The Best Cosmetics from ORIFLAME

You can buy the perfume type creates the base notes with scents such as vanilla, musk sandalwood in single or multiple sets. The product is created in different concepts in itself. It is offered to your liking in 50 ml bottles. Another perfume that you can buy in sets with products such as body cream and deodorant stands out as Oriflame Love Potion. The Secrets EdP model consists of impressive notes of white berries and white flowers. It is followed by the Love Potion EdP consists of ginger, cocoa buds and chocolate notes.

Also, you can choose Oriflame Eclat for a men’s perfume with a masculine scent. The product stands out with its three different varieties. It has different ingredients such as the prestigious De Laire Sellier note, bergamot note, citron and Barenia leather note. You can browse Oriflame Catalogue to have a masculine and luxurious Oriflame men’s perfume and a sharp scent.

Oriflame Personal Care Products

Whether you want to attract attention as a well-groomed person in business or daily life, you can start with Oriflame creams. Milk Honey Gold cream is nourishing for your hand and body, can do wonders on your skin with its milk and honey extract formula. The product you can choose to keep your skin moist all day long. It will attract attention with its soft and attractive scent. You can also review Oriflame creams for a multi-purpose cream with almond oil. The product protects and nourishes your face and body. It is equipped with a natural oil, almond oil, while the multi-vitamin complex also benefits your skin health. You can try Oriflame Optimals creams to prevent spots and brighten the skin. The product that protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays can be among your favorite parts of your body care.

By browsing our category for Oriflame creams, which have a very rich variety, you can reach the most accurate result and quickly buy the product you want. For hair care, you can find a solution with Oriflame shampoos, which can bring the hair to a more vibrant and healthy form. Among women’s shampoos, you can see products containing natural avocado oil and chamomile extract, which have nourishing substances such as copper and magnesium.

Oriflame Accessories

Oriflame, which stands out with its accessories especially designed for women, can provide you with elegant touches for your combination. Design wonder earrings can make you stand out in your special and daily programs. Matching rings that you can use as a set can crown your elegance. You can also choose bracelets to gain a radiant and shiny look. It is enough to browse their catalogue to meet the accessories and personal care products of the brand that suit you.

So here are Best Cosmetics from ORIFLAME! For more products and deals, visit the home page!

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7 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Eyebrows

Discover 7 easy ways to take care of your eyebrows with Avon Products! You should follow these steps and get the best results! If you have trouble taking care of your eyebrows, listen to these suggestions.

Shape it

Our recommendation would be to leave the shaping of your eyebrows to professional hands. They will give your face the most suitable shape. Make sure to use as little cosmetics as possible, as your face is likely to react to any product. There are many useful selections for your eyebrow on Avon Catalogue. Check it out pay less for the best selections!

Comb it

Just like your hair, your eyebrows will be able to produce useful oils more easily with a little stimulation. You don’t have to comb your eyebrows all the time, but once or twice a week is not bad at all. The latest Avon Brochure contains many essentials for brows. See their selections to save more!

Moisten it

You have skin under your eyebrows and your skin always wants to be moisturized. Otherwise it will dry out and flake, even under your eyebrows. When you apply face cream, be sure to apply some on your eyebrows. It also makes it easier for you to shape them.

Wax carefully

If you are going to wax your eyebrows, you have to be very careful. Waxing should not be too hot so as not to cause burns. When pulling, care should be taken to pull in the direction of your eyebrows. Do not forget that if you do not pay attention to hygiene, you can get skin infections.

Be Gentle

Whatever you do to your eyebrows, be gentle. You should not rush and be careful not to pluck your eyebrows irreversibly and not to damage your skin.

Try eyeshadow

Using too much cosmetics is harmful to your skin. But some women naturally have light colored or sparse eyebrows. If that’s the case for you, experts recommend using eyeshadow instead of eyebrow pencil. It will be easier to apply and more natural in appearance. It is possible to find many special eyeshadow on Avon Catalog in the UK! See their product range and buy your favorite!

The right products

The products you buy for your eyebrows should first of all be suitable for your skin type. In addition, if you have a tattoo or piercing on your eyebrow, you should pay special attention to the area, pay close attention to hygiene, and choose anti-allergic cosmetic products. Everything you need can be browsable on AVON! See their products and enjoy shopping!

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Eyebrows with AVON! For more products and tips, visit the home page.

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Best M.A.C Makeup Bases for Dry Skin

In this article, we shared the best M.A.C Makeup bases for dry skin for you! Check these steps and follow these steps. Also, check out MAC Offers to save more while you are buying the best!

If you have dry skin, a hydrating make-up base will provide your skin with extra moisture support. And create a smooth surface for your foundation. When you use a moisturizing make-up base, you will find that the foundation glides on your skin and your make-up looks flawless for longer. Today, thanks to technology and innovation, you can find many moisturizing make-up bases in different formulas. And this gives you a choice of application and many textures.

Once you find the perfect Make-up base, it becomes an essential addition to your daily skincare and make-up routine. Take a look at the best choices in the M.A.C Prep & Prime Line that will optimally nourish and hydrate your skin as it preps for makeup.

Mineralize Time Check Lotion

This hydrating make-up base contains ingredients that fight time, reduce fine lines, shrink the appearance of large pores, and leave skin silky hydrated and nourishing. This unique gel lotion formula instantly cools and soothes the skin with moisture and enhances its radiance, making makeup application easy.

Fix + Magic Radiance

Our world famous moisturizer combined with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and essential oils. This moisturizer is formulated with a blend of comforting chamomile and grapefruit essential oils and nourishing ingredients that hydrate skin, leaving it healthy-looking and instantly radiant. Moisture Shield Technology creates a water-repellent barrier on the skin to help keep hydration constant.

The formula includes benefits such as hydration, refreshment and instant hydration, as in Fix+. No wonder it is a favorite product among our artists and customers. Application: For make-up application, it is sprayed under or on top of make-up to create a moisturized, radiant skin surface and prevents make-up wear. It does not cause acne and is suitable for all skin types. Be sure to shake the bottle well before each use.

Prep & Prime Moisturze Infusion

prep + prime moisture infusion by M.A.C Skincare is a lightweight gel serum that delivers an intense moisture concentration that works with hydration. It quickly and gently absorbs into the skin and helps to instantly renew dehydrated skin. Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion provides intense hydration to hydrate skin so it stays hydrated all day long. The skin is instantly renewed and plumped from the inside. Helps skin feel ultra soft and supple. It contains powerful antioxidants and instantly soothes the skin. It helps reduce skin dullness and instantly improves radiance. Also, it helps to care for the skin, prepares the skin for make-up application and makes the foundation look fresher. Application: After cleansing your skin, apply the desired amount with your fingertips and apply to your face. Then use your daily moisturizer.

So here are Best M.A.C Makeup Bases for Dry Skin! For more products and deals, visit the home page. Also, check its category page and see more MAC Offers! And follow us on Facebook!

Oriflame Catalogue

2021 Autumn Hair Trends

Discover 2021 Autumn Hair Trends with Oriflame! Autumn the season when colors come alive in nature has finally arrived. These beautiful colors of autumn will appear everywhere from clothes to home textiles, from make-up to hair.

Our hair, which has not been exposed to many processes for the last 18 months due to the pandemic, found time to rest and revived. And with the effect of the pandemic, in this period, which we accept as the new normal, women have started to turn to models and colors where they will be more comfortable with wash and go models and will not have to go to the care frequently.

Naturalness is more prominent now!

We have entered a period in which more natural tones are used for hair damaged by the sun, the sea and the pool in the summer. An autumn season awaits us, where we will see many natural shades of brown, red and yellow. We recommend that you choose a natural color suitable for your skin tone, both for novelty and for the health of your hair. There are many natural and healthy solutions on Oriflame Catalogue! You should check it out and find the best for your hair!

Easy hairstyles

With the fact that naturalness is at the forefront and we do not want to deal with our hair in the pandemic, we can say that our hair, which we washed more and left to its natural state, took a sigh of relief. Regardless of whether it is short or long, straight or wavy, both comfortable and stylish models have started to be preferred more. If you are looking for a some tools for your hair, you can check out Oriflame Brochure and see the useful selections!


Less maintenance required; changing direction, variable short choppy cuts have become the choice of women, especially as of summer. Although the choppy model is comfortable, it is important to choose the choppy model that is cut according to the face shape, otherwise you may experience great regret.


A hairstyle that never goes out of style is the bangs. Fluffy and big bangs, which were especially fashionable in the 70s, are returning in 2021 autumn trends. It will be enough to shape the bangs in your hair that you wash and leave to its natural state.

Wavy Bob

The Bob model, preferred by many women, took shape this season and turned it into a wavy model. When you wake up in the morning with a slightly wavy bob model, you will start the day fresh with a natural and stylish hair without the need to straighten your hair. If you need hair fixing spray, you should check out Oriflame Products! Their selections are pretty good.


Braids, which are the head choice of those who do not want to try too hard to shape their long hair, have recently become more common. Instead of classic knitting; When you say knitting buns, long braids, sequential braids, get ready to see different knitting models in every cut.

So here are 2021 Autumn hair trends with Oriflame offers! For more tips and products, visit the home page.

Avon Brochure

Mascara Brush by Lash Type

Check out useful information and tips for mascara brush by lash type! When you check it put, you will see some good tricks for choosing mascaras from the latest Avon Brochure in the UK!

The most important complement of make-up is mascaras. With the right choice of mascara, you can complete your make-up perfectly. But which one is the right mascara? Let’s check out the latest Avon Catalogue and view the best mascaras.

Short eyelashes

Those with short eyelashes should choose flat mascaras with plastic or bristle brushes to make their eyelashes look longer. Thus, you can make a more controlled application on the eyelashes, and you can get longer eyelashes by dyeing all of your eyelashes.

Straight eyelashes

If your lashes are straight as thorns, a little curl isn’t such a bad idea. For your lashes to be more curved, you can choose curved mascaras in the form of an arc. Thus, your lashes look more curled and steamy. If you are looking for this type mascara, you can find the best of them on Avon Brochure. It is possible to find the best mascaras for every eyelash types here!

Long eyelashes

If you have long eyelashes, you can easily use any kind of mascara, but it is useful to stay away from mascara with a bristle brush, because the lashes that touch the back may not look as attractive as you think. If possible, you can use medium-thick plastic tip mascaras.

Sparse eyelashes

If your lashes are sparse, the mascara you need to use to get a fuller look is the ones with mature hair and thick ends. The thickness of the mascara brush increases in direct proportion to the plumping effect. We recommend using the thickest mascara brushes to complete your makeup.

Low eyelashes

If you have low eyelashes, your eyes and gaze will also look low and tired. For this reason, you can use curvy mascaras with different lengths to lift your lashes. Thus, you will have more vivid and striking looks. You should browse the latest Avon Catalog and see good Avon Products and their lower prices this week!

Here are some tips about Mascara Brush by Lash Type! For more tips and Avon Products, visit the home page!