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2022 Makeup Trends

We have compiled our article with the latest and bomb tips of 2022 makeup trends with AVON Brochure. We have compiled the most trending and latest news for you in this article! So we are with you for our bomb article. As you know, 2021 favors natural tones and simplicity. Cheekbones, facial contours and sharp facial lines were not preferred much. Copper and nude tones were dominant in eye shadows and lips.

2022 make-up trends will leave all of these behind. Deep shadow lines, smoky eyeliner, matte and dark lipsticks will be in fashion again.

2022 Eye Makeup Trend

This year, instead of sharp eyeliners, clear eyeliners with a clear beginning and end, smoky eyeliner will be the trend. Copper-colored headlights are one of the preferred colors this year, as in every year. Instead of the standardized brown and black eye pencils; Glittering eye pencils in plum and tones will be liked a lot. Even though the mists of detention have been forgotten in the past years, they will be popular again this year. Moreover, with its colorful versions. If you are looking for a good eye makeup products, you should browse the latest AVON Catalogue! There are many good products here!

2022 Eyebrow Trend

In the years 2020-21, we were very impressed and we understood how much the eyebrows affect the looks. Eyebrow stabilizing gels and eyebrow lamination processes seem to continue at the same pace. We will continue to carry eyebrow gels that will not be missing from your makeup bags.

2022 Skin Makeup Trend

In skin make-up in 2022; In the summer season, on the contrary to the glittering looks; matte and smooth looks are on the rise. Highlighters, which are indispensable for brightness, leave their place to primers. A wide range of makeup can be browsable on AVON Catalogue! See Avon products and get your favourites at low prices!

2022 Lip Makeup Trend

Lips in the past years; Instead of soft, glime and brighteners, more red and red tones will dominate. Red lips will be very popular framed. To bring bold lips to the fore, they must first be smooth and clean.

Popular AVON Products;

So here are 2022 makeup trends with AVON! For more product reviews, deals, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts to see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

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