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Makeup tricks to Look Beautiful in Photos

Discover the best makeup tricks to look beautiful in photos with amazing products of AVON Brochure! Let’s follow the steps and try awesome Avon products!

If you crave the wonderful photos you come across while browsing social media, how about trying these makeup tricks?
Although it is reflected as a disease of today by some experts, there is probably no one left who does not take selfies.

Makeup tricks to Look Beautiful in Photos;

Sometimes you can share your selfies to feel good, sometimes to let the world know how good you look. But as this trend becomes more widespread, people begin to compare themselves with other users. If you want to take and share more cool photos, take a look at our article!

Before you start your make-up, prepare your skin for make-up with a base. If possible, the base you use should be one that shrinks and hides the pores on your skin. Do not skip this step to make your skin look smooth and perfect. Also, you should try Avon products to get the best look!

Although it is reflected as a disease of today by some experts, there is probably no one left who does not take selfies. Sometimes you can share your selfies to feel good, sometimes to let the world know how good you look. But as this trend becomes more widespread, people begin to compare themselves with other users. If you want to take and share more cool photos, take a look at our article!

Makeup Base

Before you start your make-up, prepare your skin for make-up with a base. If possible, the base you use should be one that shrinks and hides the pores on your skin. Do not skip this step to make your skin look smooth and perfect. If you are looking for a good makeup base, check out the Avon Catalogue! Many special products are on discount now!

Benefit from games of light

You know how effective makeup tricks are. Therefore, do not forget to take advantage of contour art. You can shape your face by leaving the areas you want to highlight lighter and coloring the areas you want to cover and push back with a dark foundation. So you can get a much more photogenic image.

Cover imperfections well

Although you prefer thin foundations that look natural in daily life, photos can capture and enlarge the imperfections on your face due to the light. For this reason, we recommend using foundations with high coverage and completely covering skin imperfections. After you distribute the foundation all over your face with the help of a sponge, you can go over the defective areas once again. But keep the balance well and take care that the foundation does not look like a mask. Don’t forget to spread your foundation towards your neck.

Pay attention to eye makeup

Cameras swallow colors from time to time, so when you use very nude colors, you may not get the effect you want in your photos. Although daily life does not exaggerate, a little exaggeration may turn out to be a plus for cameras. Do not forget to define the bottom of the eyelashes. You can make your eyes look more attractive by using false eyelashes.

Lip makeup

Make sure to frame your lips with the help of a pencil. Thus, the shape of your lips will appear more clearly in the photos. A wide range of lip products can be browsable on AVON Catalog. You should take a look at all the pages and get the best at low prices!

So here are Makeup tricks to Look Beautiful in Photos with Avon! If you want to check out more tips, deals, and product reviews, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!


NEW! No.1 De Chanel 2022

The new beauty line No.1 De Chanel 2022, in which Chanel prefers to use natural ingredients in its content and packaging; It consists of skin care and make-up materials and perfume. So you can call these series ”Next generation beauty”!

NEW! No.1 De Chanel 2022

Luxury French brand Chanel has launched its new beauty line, No.1 De Chanel, consisting of skin care, make-up materials. Also, perfumes containing red camellia. No.1 De Chanel, defined as the ‘new generation beauty’; The formula of the anti-aging product line contains up to 97 percent natural ingredients.
Also, skincare products in the No.1 De Chanel line include face cream, gel serum, moisturizing lotion, eye cream, powder-to-foam cleanser and misting serum. In the cosmetics section, there is a foundation in 20 colors enriched with red camellia oil and moisturizing agents, and a creamy, multi-purpose lip and cheek balm in six colors. The perfume enriches the collection, developed in collaboration with the Chanel Fragrance Laboratory. So let’s try it!

Reasonable Prices!

The packaging of the series has also been designed by minimizing its impact on the environment. The weight of the bottles in which the products are presented has been reduced. In addition, organic ink is used on the bottles, which requires lower heating temperatures and consumes less energy than other inks. Chanel also opted for refillable cream jars for this line and limited the use of cellophane-free plastic in all of its products. Even paper brochures have been replaced with a QR code printed directly on the packaging, providing product information digitally.
Also, the cover of the No.1 De Chanel cream is made with 90 percent bio-based materials, including camellia seed pods. Also, their prices are pretty good now. Prices of No.1 De Chanel; It ranges from 38 pounds for lip and cheek balm to 90 pounds for perfume and revitalizing serum. So let’s view them!

CHANEL Offers This Week;


So here is the No.1 De Chanel 2022! If you want to see more cosmetics news, good offers, and tips, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

Valentino Offers

How to Apply Perfume?

Let’s see how to apply perfume! Almost everyone uses perfume. So in the right way? We shared all useful information about that and special Valentino offers! Let’s read this article!

What is Eau de Toilette?

It is in the category of perfumes with higher alcohol concentration and less essence density. Contains 4-10% essential oil. Spraying Eau de Toilette perfumes on clothes will give better results. Eau de Toilette, which can emit a scent up to 1.5 meters, is very suitable for use in summer. Spraying it on the fabric will give you better results. It can also be sprayed on the hair. However, applying the perfume and then going out into the sun will be harmful for both your skin and your hair… If you spray your perfume 15 minutes before going out, you will not encounter such a problem.

What is Eau de Perfume?

It is the name of the perfume category that has a higher fragrance density and a lower alcohol density. Contains 8-15% essential oil. It is generally the most preferred category of brands.
Perfumes, which you can find less than other varieties in the market, contain 15-25% essence. It is the most lasting perfume compared to other types. When using, it is sufficient to drip a few drops behind the ear, on the wrists, on the neck.

Eau de Colonge

It is in the class that is rarely preferred among perfumes. It is suitable for use in summer with an essential oil concentration of 2-5%.

Eau Fraiche (Fresh)

Eau Fraiche has the most volatile essence ratio in the perfume category. That’s why brands usually launch fraiches in the summer months… They contain 3% or less essential oil. It will be more effective to use after shower.

Valentino Fragrances;

Choosing a perfume

Your skin color, season and of course how your skin will carry the perfume are important at this point. You need to turn to lighter, floral perfumes in summer and more intense perfumes in winter.

The perfume you like on someone else may not suit your skin. Always try it on yourself before shopping for perfume.

Try squeezing the perfume into your wrists.

If you have a cold or a recent upper respiratory illness, it would be better to shop for perfume after you recover.

How to apply perfume in hot weather?

In hot weather, it would be more appropriate to use deodorant rather than perfume. It is not healthy to spray alcohol-containing perfumes on our skin while the sun’s rays are already wearing down our skin. It will be healthier to use deodorant or body mist in summer, as it will cause our skin to wear out faster when exposed to sunlight.
If you can’t give up on your perfume, you can get a close effect by using the shower gel and body lotion of the same perfume.
If your perfume is spicy, sugary and intense, avoiding these types of fragrances in summer will give better results. It is not very pleasant to mix the weight of the hot air with the weight of the perfume.

So here is How to Apply Perfume with Valentino offers! If you want to see more products and deals, visit the home page. Here u go!

CHANEL Offers Dior Offers

Winter 2022 Beauty Tips

Discover winter 2022 beauty tips with Chanel Offers and Dior Offers! You should read this article, see the best products and special tricks!

Immaculate skin, bright lips, colorful, intense, assertive eyes, braids and bob cut hair… Yes, we will see these things more than once in the new season. Maybe you would like to try it too?

Clear Skin

The foundation of a beautiful skin make-up is done only if the skin is also beautiful. For this, it is necessary not to disrupt your skin care and not to disrupt your routine. A clean skin make-up is at the forefront of the beauty looks of brands such as Chloé, Jason Wu and Sportmax on the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter season podiums. A slightly moist, minimal make-up is enough to create a natural and fresh look. For this, you can get help from lightweight foundations. You can apply liquid blushes as much as you want. Don’t forget to comb your eyebrows too. If you need something for a clear skin, you should check out CHANEL Offers in detail!

Product Recommendation;

Glossy Lips

You hope your makeup will stand out, but you want to do it without using red lipstick. Then you should turn to lip glosses. One of the prominent trends on the runway at New York and London fashion weeks was glossy lips. While creating a lively, fresh look, it also has a romantic look. You can use light lip glosses during the day, and you may want to prefer more intense lip glosses at night. If you want it to stand out even more, apply a pencil of your choice to the edges of your lips; like a frame… Then apply lip gloss on it and voila! Ombre lips are in front of you. Many special products are available on Dior! Browse Dior offers and get the best at low prices!

Product Recommendation;

Glamorous Looks

This season, the eyes are much more remarkable. Inverted ‘cat eye’, ‘smoky’ that goes out of black and brown, and eye make-up surrounded by bright and vibrant colors… All of them are extremely assertive. Perfect your eye area with concealer before applying eye makeup. For the perfect smoky eye make-up, define the shape with eyeliner and distribute this color with the help of a brush. For reverse cat eye makeup, draw and extend a path starting from the corner of your eye to the outside of your eye; then highlight.

Product Recommendation;

A Brand New Cut

Just like leaving bangs, bob cut hair is ideal for refreshing your look. You can take inspiration from the Prada or Burberry runways to get rid of the long, split ends during this quarantine time. Another hair trend that draws our attention is braids. In addition to braiding your hair tightly like on the Jason Wu or Fendi catwalks, you can create a different look with braids interspersed in the front strands or in between. For this, you need to nourish your hair roots well. You can also get help from hair fixing sprays.

So here are Winter 2022 Beauty Tips with top brands offers such as Dior and CHANEL! For more products and deals, visit the home page! Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts!

Oriflame Catalogue

Hair Care Tips with Oriflame Products

Let’s see hair care tips with Oriflame Catalogue for how to protect hair against the harsh conditions of winter. Here are some simple hair care tips you can do at home.

Hair Care Tips with Oriflame Products;

Removing split ends on a regular basis is the most important first step for stronger and stronger hair. Hair that dries out in the summer is more worn out by the cold of winter and humid weather conditions, and worn-out hair needs moisture support.

The most effective way to meet the moisture need of your hair is professional hair care that you can have at hairdressers, but if you want, you can also meet your moisture need with masks that you can prepare easily and practically at home. If you need some hair care products, you should give chance Oriflame products! Many useful products are on sale with amazing deals!

Healthy Oils for Hair;

For example, the most natural moisturizer you can prepare at home for dry hair in winter is pure olive oil, as well as you can use coconut oil. Apply the oil care you have prepared from the root to the ends of your hair, wait for half an hour, then wash it with lukewarm water with shampoo once. Many good shampoos and conditioner are on discount now! See Oriflame Brochure and get the best!

Don’t let the gloomy and depressing atmosphere of winter extinguish your light. For this reason, ombre, sombre and brushlight are among the indispensable colors in the autumn and winter seasons. The shimmers you add to your hair not only brighten your face, but also take the gloomy and depressive atmosphere of the winter season away from you. It is also in your hands to gain more modern and fresher looks with short hair instead of the obsoleteness of long hair. You can perform your haircut with cuts suitable for your face type.

Oriflame Hair Care;

When we come to the subject of vitamins, we are faced with the following situation, many methods applied for the seasonal hair loss recently will not be very effective, but for the hair that has been shedding constantly, measuring the iron deficiency and vitamin B-12 values and using the vitamins recommended with the doctor’s advice is a suitable way. will be.

In addition to this way, professional keratin protein care will strengthen the hair and provide a healthier hair appearance.

So here are hair care tips with Oriflame! For more beauty tips and offers, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts! Here u go!

Oriflame Catalogue

Steps to Follow for Winter Makeup

In this article, we shared steps to follow for winter makeup with Oriflame Catalogue. You should read this article and follow the steps! Let’s read it!

We are in the months when dry and cold weather will punish our skin. In order to keep the skin, which has begun to lose its shine, alive and bright, it is beneficial to put the care routine into a more stable order.

The exfoliated, dry and irritated skin goes through this cycle every winter and still continues to be our smiling face. At this point, how about taking the right steps in makeup and skin care?
Let’s invite those who want to listen to the suggestions of professional make-up artists to the following suggestions. In order to have a bright skin in winter, do not close your ears to these recommendations and amazing Oriflame products.


This is already a must-have tip for skin care, but it will be really helpful to consider it as a step in your makeup routine. Because the best way to reach a striking and glowing skin color is through here. You have to be generous with moisturizer to boost the skin’s natural glow. Don’t forget your neck during this moisturisation.

Oriflame Moisturizers;

Know when to moisturize

Hydration is very important, but be sure to moisturize your skin after a shower. This is the best time to give your freshly steamed skin that much needed hydration. For extra shine, you can also choose products based on vitamins C and E.

Avoid products with too many powder forms

Instead of powder-form products, you can use a moisturizing CC cream that is warmer than your skin tone.

Change your makeup base

She suggests using a glossy base instead of a traditional matte primer. The subtle glow in the base will help your skin to act from the inside, giving it incredible shine. It is possible to find many effective makeup base on Oriflame Catalogue. Browse their selections and buy the best to get maximum results!

Final Touch

For the most natural effect, you should apply a liquid highlighter with a dampened Beautyblender sponge.

Never stop moisturizing

If you find that your skin is dry, quickly clean your face to spray some moisturizer. Especially in this cold weather, never stop moisturizing your skin and follow the signs it gives you.

So here are Steps to Follow for Winter Makeup with Oriflame product recommendations! If you want to discover more beauty tips, good deals, and cosmetics catalogues, you should go to the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts!

Clinique Offers

How should skin care be in cold weather?

Today’s topic is about how should skin care be in cold weather with product recommendations from Clinique Offers! If your skin is flaking in cold weather, listen to our suggestions! Here are skin care suggestions that will be good for your skin in cold weather.

The skin reflects both our health and beauty and acts as a barrier between the external environment and our body. It is directly affected by seasonal changes. In harsh winter conditions, the decrease in temperature and cold and windy weather prevent the skin from being sufficiently moistened. Indoors, heating systems reduce the humidity of the environment, using thick duvets or electric blankets, and keeping the windows tightly closed leaves the skin dehydrated.

Do not exfoliate your skin

The skin, which becomes more sensitive and unstable during the winter months, may dry out, become flaky, tend to crack, become more tense, itchy, reddened and coarse as a result of the slowing of blood circulation in cold weather. If the person has genetically sensitive skin, these findings are even more exaggerated. In addition, for these people, skin diseases such as atopic eczema, psoriasis, pruritus, xerotic eczema begin to occur. If you need some skin care products for these situations, you should focus on Clinique products! Many good solutions are waiting for you on their product range!

A healthy and beautiful skin is possible in the winter season.

Despite all these negative conditions, if we realize the mistakes we have made and change our habits, we can have a brighter, healthy, moist skin, a better appearance and a better mental state in the winter season. There are many health solutions on Clinique. You should take a look at their products and find the best for your skin health!

Do not wash frequently and with very hot water.

Washing frequently and using very hot water while washing reduces skin oils and causes the skin to dry out more. The skin becomes itchy, red, and even dryness eczema may develop.

Use creamy products during and after bath

The creamy products used during the bath, the use of special bath oils, and the application of a moisturizing balm to the whole body while the skin is moist after the bath will provide the skin with the moisture it needs. It is possible to find many types of cosmetics in Clinique Store! Give a chance them!

Protect yourself from the winter sun

In order to be less affected by the cold air, a moisturizer with sunscreen should be used when going out. In addition, the exposed areas should be covered with hats, glasses, gloves and scarves as much as possible.

Take care of your hands

It would be right to moisten our hands, which are frequently exposed to water, with lubricating products 5-6 times a day, and to do housework with eczema gloves in order to prevent aging and prevent possible hand eczema. Many good hand care products are waiting for you! So let’s check Clinique Deals!

Prevent lip dryness and cracking

Moisturizing our lips with Vaseline, which we can apply 4-5 times a day, will prevent them from drying out and cracking.

Pay attention to your diet

Drinking plenty of water, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, eating walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, dried apricots and carrots will provide extra moisture to the skin.

Choose the right moisturizer for your skin

It should be indispensable to use a suitable moisturizer as the dryness of the face, bruises under the eyes, bagging and dullness will make the person look older. The choice of moisturizer to be used according to the skin characteristics of the person must be chosen in consultation with the physician. It should be noted that unsuitable products will further damage the skin. A wide range of moisturizer can be browsable on Clinique! Let’s check out their good products!

Exfoliate every winter

Chemical peeling treatments to be applied every winter will give vitality to the skin, and it will be a suitable treatment method to get a fresher, livelier, smoother skin from the bottom by removing the dead layer.

So here are how should skin care be in cold weather and good Clinique Offers! If you want to discover more products and deals, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts! We share the latest cosmetics offers on them too!

CHANEL Offers Clinique Offers Dior Offers Huda Beauty Offers

The 12 Best Moisturizing Lipsticks

Time to discover the 12 best moisturizing lipsticks with top deals like CHANEL Offers, Dior Offers, Huda Beauty Offers, and much more! Browse them and get the best!

If you are looking for more than a lip balm in the winter months, if you expect pigmentation as well as moisturizing, we have compiled your favorite lipsticks that combine comfort, permanence and coverage.

Classic Red

The probability of making a mistake with red lips on New Year’s Eve is very low. After completing your skin make-up with a slightly shimmering finish, add depth to your eyes with shadow tones. Choose your red lipstick according to your skin tone and apply your lip liner in the same shade for a flawless frame.

Huda Beauty Power Bullet Cream Glow

This lipstick family from Huda Beauty soothes and nourishes the lips as soon as they are used. If you are looking for a perfect nude shade for the cold winter months, take a look at the Cream Glow collection.

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom

While this lipstick deeply moisturizes the lips, it also plumps, smoothes and provides a lasting shine.

Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge

This lipstick with an ultra-pigmented structure and semi-matte finish promises to stay on the lips for 12 hours.

Clinique Pop Lipstick

This intensely pigmented lipstick, which moisturizes and nourishes the lips all day long, smoothes and shapes the lip texture thanks to its base feature.

Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick

This highly pigmented lipstick, produced with a special technology, gives the lips maximum color and intense moisture without any weight.

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Lipstick

This lipstick family, which has a light structure and a creamy formula, has a nude suitable for every skin undertone.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick

This lipstick, which has a glossy finish and does not smudge and does not leave an uncomfortable feeling, provides long-term protection to the lips with its hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and plant extracts.

NARS Audacious Lipstick

Nars’ iconic Audacious lipstick, which has a formula containing moringa oil and passion fruit seed oil. It leaves a unique color and smooth touch on the lips.

L’Oreal Color Riche Shine Lipstick

This lipstick of L’Oreal, which combines intense shine with intense colors, does not allow the lips to dry out with its soft gel formula.

YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Glow Matte

This glossy matte lipstick with a very original finish provides maximum coverage and a natural glow to the lips, while preventing the skin from drying out with its luxurious formula and providing a comfortable application.

Givenchy Rouge Interdit

This Givenchy formula is a combination of high-dose pigment, long-lasting and radiant tones. The packaging of the lipstick is the kind that will please those who want to add a stylish piece to their makeup bag. So let’s try it!

So we shared Best Moisturizing Lipsticks with amazing offers of CHANEL, Clinique, Dior, Huda Beauty, and more! Let’s view them and get healthy results! Also, you can check out the home page and see more beauty tips. Moreover, follow us on our social media accounts to see more cosmetics offers and tips!

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7 Tips for a Winter Bath Against Cold Weather

We shared 7 tips for a winter bath against cold weather with Avon Brochure! In winter, your bath ritual deserves to be renewed and adapted to the season as much as your care routine. Equip these hours to purify your body and clear your mind with powerful allies who will fight against the problems posed by the cold climate. We’ve put together 7 tips for the perfect winter bathroom.

Bath Oils

Warm scented bath oils are a must for your winter ritual. A moisturizing and caring product that you mix into the bath water for your dry skin in winter will pamper your skin with both its scent and the soft effect it leaves behind.

AVON Bath & Body;

Care Mask

A warm bath ritual is perfect for applying care masks. In this session, where the pores will be thoroughly opened from the steam and the skin will be ready to absorb the product, apply a mask that cares for the skin from the inside out, soothes and moisturizes it deeply.

AVON Skin Masks;

Scented Candles

Fragrances are always in the foreground in the winter bathroom. Notes that will reduce the effects of cold weather and warm you up are among the favorites of this ritual. A warm atmosphere that will envelop you and an intense aromatherapy candle that will soothe your thoughts will help you purify your soul while cleansing your skin.

Special Soaps

It is useful to use special cleansers for your sensitive skin in winter. No matter how well you take care of your face and prefer products that will not rip off moisture from it in cold climates, you should pay the same attention to your body. That’s why you should choose formulas that care for your winter bathroom, moisturize the skin extra and clean it without getting tired. There are many good soaps on Avon Catalog. You should try their prodcuts and get maximum results!

Steam bath

Herbal protection not only provides you with a cup of tea, but also with your bath ritual in winter. These mixtures, which you can also use as a steam bath for the face, are added to the bath water in a mesh pouch, helping to relieve and relieve edema in your body.

Lip Care

Kill two birds with one stone by adding lip care to your bath routine, as dead skin softens in the bath. By applying a natural peeling during the bath to your lips that are dry and exfoliated from the cold, both load moisture and bring it back to itself. There are many good lip care products on the latest Avon Catalogue. You should give a chance them and enjoy!

Relaxing Salts

Your bath routine can also offer a great solution to your muscles that are tense and sore during the winter months. While bath salts, especially Epsom Salt, relaxes your muscles, it is good for many different problems, from removing edema from the body to soothing a sore throat with its steam.

So here are 7 tips for a winter bath against cold weather with Avon! If you want to see more tips and cosmetics deals, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts!