5 Common Mistakes When Wearing Perfume

Check the 5 common mistakes when wearing perfume with specials product recommendations! From the permanence of the perfume to its fragrance, there are tricks that affect your entire perfume experience. In this article, we shared with you 5 common mistakes when using perfume and what you actually need to do.

How Do You Choose Your Perfume?

The smell you like in someone else may not stay the same on your skin. Even its permanence may not be the same. Finding the right perfume for you goes through many different stages from character analysis to when you try perfumes.

Choosing the right scent for your body chemistry is the first rule to be aware of when using perfume. While the right fragrance multiplies your attractiveness and effect, the effect of a wrong perfume that does not integrate with you can create the opposite.

In Which Size Do You Buy Your Perfume?

Oversized perfumes may be more advantageous in terms of price and quantity. However, as the perfume is used, the oxygen accumulated in the bottle directly affects the perfume formula. And it speeds up its deterioration. Therefore, it is useful to choose small bottles that you can finish in a short time and always get fresh.

Where Do You Store Your Perfume?

You should store your perfumes in dry and dark places, not on the table in the bathroom or in your room. Because moisture and sunlight are the most important details that badly affect the fragrance and freshness of the perfume.

How Do You Use Your Perfume?

Since we instinctively think that the scent spreads to the body better, after spraying the perfume, we rub our wrists and then our neck. However, this may cause the fragrance molecules to deteriorate and the permanence of the perfume to decrease and the fragrance to change. For this, squeeze the perfume and wait for the product to dry on your skin.

Another important point when using perfume is not to use it according to the density of the perfume. Remember, you can always squeeze more, but first test if the scent is enough for you using a minimum amount of perfume and not let people get into a cloud of scent.

Where Do You Squeeze Your Perfume?

First of all, let’s underline that perfumes fit better on moist skin than dry skin and their permanence increases. Therefore, it is beneficial for you not to hinder moisturizing your body. Also, since the key point of the perfume is to spread its scent to the environment, give priority to the exposed pulse parts of your body, namely the neck, wrist and elbows. If your body temperature is naturally high, you can also apply perfume to your clothes as this may spoil the perfume formula.

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