5 Different Effects Of SPF On Your Skin

Explore 5 Different effects of SPF on your skin! SPF is part of our beauty and care products. So what makes SPF so special now? And what is the difference between skin care products with SPF?

75% of skin aging is caused by environmental factors, mostly UV rays. When you use a skin care product with a sun protection factor every day, you can reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on your skin. Discover what SPF benefits your skin!

Anti-Aging Properties;

SPF protects your skin from the observable signs of aging caused by UV rays such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dullness, and uneven staining. It has been proven that products with SPF protection in their content reduce the observable signs of aging by strengthening and thickening the epidermis as a result of regular use. See Avon Brochure and see anti-aging products with SPF!

Multiple Effects;

SPF is not just a sunscreen. For example; When used in daily care products while protecting the skin from UV rays, it also benefits from the perfecting and beautifying effects of the cream.
So why should we use Sun Protection Factor even when we are not sunbathing? You may not know, but your skin is also vulnerable to sunlight in the city, especially when it comes to pollution and UV rays, which are very damaging to the skin. Moreover, it is not enough for the summer months alone; You are also exposed to UV rays in winter, but the cold weather prevents you from noticing this.

Latest Technology Formulas;

Clinique‘s skin care products moisturize the skin with their regenerating tailor-made formulas, while at the same time soothing with an invisible texture. For example; Although Clinique’s face cream is reinforced with SPF, it can be easily applied under make-up, as SPF-containing products do not have a sticky or high gloss structure. On the one hand, it protects the skin against UV rays. Also, it protects the skin from the effects of the sun on skin aging throughout the day.


Along with the face, neck, hands, and lips are areas that need to be protected from UV rays and the aging marks they cause. Avon Lip Balm is suitable for daily use and provides moisturization for 8 hours thanks to SPF25 sun protection. Hands are the places where signs of aging are first seen (such as dark spots, loss of elasticity) Avon Hand cream containing SPF15 sun protection factor. You can apply sun protection whenever you need it.

Perfect Skin Tone;

While some of us are satisfied with the color-changing effect of the sun on the skin, some of us want to be protected from the sun’s rays. Either way, SPF should be an integral part of our skincare routine; The World Health Organization recommends using products with at least SPF15 protection in daily use. When you go to the beach for sunbathing, even if you sit under an umbrella, you can renew your SPF-containing product every 2 hours. And achieve the color you want on your skin.

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