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5 Ways to Get Longer and Voluminous Lashes

Time to see 5 ways to get longer and voluminous lashes! How easy to have voluminous, curled and lush-looking eyelashes! Here are five easy ways to make lashes look long and fuller.

Use Brush Tip

Of course, you can use mascara as a brush to make your lashes look thicker and longer. However, if you want to add more density to your lashes, you can use the tip of the mascara brush. You need to apply quite a lot of mascara to catch the messy look. For this, use the tip of the brush to add more product and glue your lashes to each other.

If you are preparing your mascara by inserting and removing the brush several times, you may need to get rid of this habit. Dior researched this mascara habit and found that women put the brush in and out for up to 50 times. This is a common mistake. It fills air into the mascara, causing it to dry faster. Instead, peel off after turning the brush.

Add Curl

A good mascara and eyelash curler will keep your lashes looking their best. Another professional tip for curling your eyelashes is to heat your eyelash curler with a dryer.


A colored mascara applied to the whole eye will not only look incredible, it will also bring out your eye color. Not ready enough for this trend? Try applying some colored mascara only to the inner corner of your lower lashes.

If you are looking to strengthen your lashes, use an eyelash serum. These serums help your lashes to grow back and look thicker. If you need an instant volume, you can try false eyelashes.

Here are 5 Ways to Get Longer and Voluminous Lashes! If you are looking for a good cosmetics or beauty tips, check out category pages. Many top brands have a page on Qootw. Also, you can follow us on Facebook!

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