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7 Seductive Perfumes from Day to Night

Discover 7 seductive perfumes from day to night with amazing products of CHANEL, Dior, Bvlgari and much more! If you are still struggling to find the most suitable scent for you among thousands of varieties, you are not alone. Fragrances whose notes you like but are weak in terms of permanence, heavier scents that are permanent but you can only use at night. Choosing among all these and finding the right one can be quite difficult. We have shared 7 seductive perfumes!

If you are looking for an assertive, elegant, lasting fragrance that can adapt to both day and night and is highly attractive, we have suggestions for you.

Chanel No 5 L’Eau

If you find the iconic Chanel No 5 intense for daytime use, you should definitely give this perfume a chance. Created as a more minimalist and modern version of No 5, L’Eau is described by Chanel as timeless, daring and sophisticated.

When we look at the fragrance dynamics in it, while the top notes are lemon, tangerine and orange, we come across the brand’s signature floral scent rose, jasmine and ylang ylang in the heart notes. In the base notes, the perfume completes itself with a touch of musk reminiscent of baby powder. Thus, a mysterious scent emerges when used both during the day and at night.

Dior J’Adore Infinissime

Continuing our list with an iconic Dior twist. If you are ready to be completed with the unique harmony of floral scents, Infinissime will meet your expectations. When we look at the notes, we feel the centifolia rose, jasmine lily, ylang-ylang and tuberose intensely, while the perfume becomes much more attractive with the creamy and woody touch of sandalwood. This fragrance, which reflects its spirit with all its claim even in a few sprays, may be the innovation you are looking for.

Issey Miyake L’eau d’Issey Rose & Rose EDP Intense

When it comes to permanence and night scent, the most frequently applied note by perfumers is rose. This time, we will talk about a scent that combines the fruit notes of the rose with a completely different pleasure. In this elegant fragrance, rose, pink pepper, raspberry and pear come together to create a memorable perfume. Bulgarian rose and patchouli create a permanent and intense base in the perfume.

Lancome Idôle Eau De Parfum

If you prefer an elegant and elegant appeal, Lancome Idole is for you. In this light floral fragrance, citrus notes combine with rose, jasmine, white musk and vanilla to turn into an impressive perfume. As the perfume settles, you start to smell bergamot, pear and pink pepper from the base notes. Thus, you get a permanent scent that will adapt from day to night. We can say that the scent reflects the effect it gives even with the bottle design!

BVLGARI Allegra Fiori d’Amore

If you are looking for an attractive, romantic and yet energetic fragrance, you are at the right place. This time, a sweet raspberry touch is added to the dance of the unique notes of Turkish and Bulgarian roses, and the fragrance takes on a much younger spirit. This velvety scent accompanies you from day to night with the intensity you desire. The bottle design also accurately emphasizes the sympathy of the fragrance.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gold Edition Unisex

Our last two suggestions will be in favor of unisex fragrances. We cannot deny that unisex fragrances have a different magic. Accordingly, our first suggestion from unisex perfumes, which are very assertive in terms of permanence, includes touches of juniper, coconut, coriander seed essence, musk, amber and vanilla. Thus, you can leave an impressive scent on your skin with just one or two spray applications.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach Unisex

If you are going to use your unisex fragrance preference for a fruit, Bitter Peach is waiting for you. Peach, Sicilian blood orange oil, patchouli, cardamom, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean are the scents you can come across in the notes of this perfume.

So here are 7 Seductive Perfumes with CHANEL Offers, Dior Offers, and much more! You can go to the home page and discover more cosmetics offers and good product reviews! Also, follow us on our social media accounts to see the latest offers!

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