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8 Favorite Makeup Trends of the Winter Season

Discover the 8 favorite makeup trends of the winter season with the latest AVON Brochure. Amazing beauty tips and special Avon products recommendations are waiting for you in this article! Here u go!

The popular beauty looks of the season have a wide range for those who like both plain and maximalist details. We have brought together 8 makeup trends that you should try in the cold winter with AVON Catalogue!

Gel Skin

Your skin care routine gets in the way of your makeup ritual. Shining with health, shiny and smooth gel skin is one of the must-haves of the season. For this look, you can benefit from smoothing bases, tint foundations and liquid highlighters, as well as an effective care routine suitable for your skin type. If you need a good highlighters or tin moistuizers, you should take a look at AVON! Many special cosmetics are on sale!

Shadow Lip

The contrast lips of the 90s, framed by a sharp line, leave their place to a softer look. A nude lip pencil with a shadow color close to your skin tone is perfect for both making your lips look fuller and applying a flawless lipstick. A wide range lipsticks can be found on Avon Catalog. You should view the latest one and see the most popular lipsticks!

Maximalist Views

Colorful eyeshadows, graphic eyeliner and high-dose glitter applications continue to maintain their place in make-up trends. Be open to experimental applications and unleash your creative power!

Fresh Blush

Intense blush applied to the cheeks and nose continues to be one of the favorite beauty trends of the cold winter months without compromising its popularity. For the most natural results, you can choose cream, liquid and foam formulas. It is possible to find many types of blush on AVON! View their products and get your favourites at reasonable prices!

Blue Red

Red lipsticks with blue undertones will be the favorite of your make-up bag in cold winter. Let’s also mention that this intense and striking color helps to make teeth look whiter.

Mikro Eyeliner

Although different and remarkable eyeliner applications have been the favorite of the last few seasons, the beauty trends of the season also offer options for those who like simple looks. Micro eyeliner, which has a vague, thin line and shapes the eye structure without showing itself too much, may be your new favorite.


Minimal make-up with a velvety touch, fresh skin, fresh blush and nude lips can be your favorite look on days when you need to be quick in front of the mirror. You can also support this make-up with a brown mascara that separates the lashes one by one. There are many special AVON Mascara on the its latest catalogue! You must view them and try your favourite!


Transparent formula lipsticks, which combine the care properties of balms with the pigmentation of lipsticks, give a natural result in make-up, while protecting your lips against the harsh conditions of the cold climate. Don’t forget to put your favorite color in your bag while stepping out of the house!

So here are some favorite makeup trends of the winter with Avon product recommendations! For more deals, catalogues, and tips, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts to see the more!

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