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AVON Sun Care Products 2021

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The sun rays that make us feel good spiritually can actually damage our skin. Sunscreens are of great importance for the harmful effects of sun rays, whose nutritive effects we should not ignore.

Why should we use sunscreen?

The sun is an important factor for our body to store Vitamin D. Therefore, avoiding the sun and sunbathing frequently will be a good behavior. However, some precautions should be taken when going out in the sun. The reason for this is the depleted ozone layer and the adverse effects of the sun’s harmful rays. If we do not want various diseases from skin blemishes to skin cancer to occur, we must use sunscreen creams. If you have sunspots or have skin that is prone to blemishes, you should definitely use Anti-spot sunscreen. Especially, you should focus on Avon anti-spot sunscreens! You can find them on the latest Avon Brochure! Check it out and find your favorite!

How often should we wear sunscreen?

We have a regular care routine to keep our skin glowing with health. In addition, we should know that we need to use sunscreens. When using sunscreen, it is very important to know how often and in what amount we should use it for a protective effect. As stated on the protective creams, applying a large amount increases the protection. This application should be repeated every 4 or 5 hours during the day.

Should we wear sunscreen in winter?

The sun warms us up and makes us feel good on a beautiful day. It is like an invaluable blessing in both summer and winter. However, we can take the harmful effects of the sun, which we rarely see in winter, on our skin. Even in cloudy weather, we can be affected by the sun without realizing it.

AVON Sun Care Products 2021

The importance of skin types in sunscreens

The most important issue that we should pay attention to when using sunscreens for our face in summer and winter is our skin type. Sunscreens that are not suitable for our skin type can cause hard-to-repair damage to our skin. This in turn affects our daily care routines, repair and treatment processes. For this reason, water-based preservatives should be preferred for oily skin, and denser and oily preservatives should be preferred for dry skin.

What are the best sunscreens for kids?

The skin of babies and children is more sensitive than adults. Children, especially those who are vulnerable to the sun, must be protected from the sun. That’s why sunscreens that are specially developed for sensitive skin and suitable for children should be preferred. AVON has separate high-protection products developed for children.

What are the most preferred sunscreens?

Preference for sun use may vary according to skin structure, age and location. AVON sunscreens are among the most preferred sunscreen brands. Also, follow us on Facebook!

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