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How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly

Today, we share some tips about how to apply nail polish with the latest Avon Brochure and good Avon Products! Applying smooth nail polish is not that difficult! You can save time with nail polish application tips and easy nail polish application methods. A little patience, attention, and a little tip are all it takes to have the well-groomed hands of every woman. Here are some easy nail polish tactics:

For Perfect Nails;

The first requirement for the nail polish to look perfect is that the nails and hands are healthy. To make your nails look healthier, you should not neglect regular care. Regular moisturizing of the hands, removing dead skin from nails, and nail polish are among the necessary preparations. A careful manicure and pedicure process that you can do at home can bring your nails to the desired care for nail polish. You can find many pedicure and manicure products on the latest Avon Catalog!

You can soften the skin by soaking your hands in hot shampoo water. Then you can separate the skin around the edges of the nails with the nail fork, cut with a manicure scissors and complete the process. When the cleaning of the nail bottoms is finished, the nail file takes the order. You can make your nails oval, blunt or pointed shape with a nail file. You can prepare a clean base for nail polish by cleaning the top of the nail with sponge files.

Nail Primer

Before you start applying nail polish, you should use the products sold under the name of primer or base. Transparent colored, nourishing nail polish bases prevent nails from being damaged by the chemicals in the nail polish, while providing them with the moisture and vitamin they need. The problem of yellowing and breakage on the nails is less common, thanks to the bases that create an almost transparent wall between the nail and the nail polish.

AVON Products for Nails;

You may also experience that nail polishes applied on the base are more permanent. The contents of the bases may differ according to the brands and products. You can easily find vitamin E and vitamin C supported nail bases.

How to Apply Nail Polish?

Keeping the nail polish upright, you should roll it back and forth between your hands, then open it after warming it slightly. This way you can see the clear consistency of nail polish. If you continue to apply the nail polish despite all the precautions, you can prevent overflow by sticking it to the edge of your nails with a tape. Or, you can prevent staining of the meat by moistening the cuticles with petroleum jelly.

Experts say that the perfect nail polish is applied to the nail in three strokes. The leftmost, middle and right sides of the nail can be painted in three moves. You should take nail polish lightly. The abundant nail polish dries harder, deteriorates more quickly and may appear bubbly. You can complete the smooth appearance with clear colors by applying a second layer as the nail polish dries.

You should definitely take note of the brands and numbers of the most popular and popular nail polishes. Remember, the colors are alike and the bottles can be easily mixed up. It’s almost impossible to remember your favorite colors and brands. You should take note of the most comfortable use of nail polish.

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Korean Women’s Care Secrets

Time to check Korean women’s care secrets with Avon Brochure! Many factors make us familiar with Korean culture. Of course, the following question arises in the minds of those who watch Korean dramas and follow their stars. “How can their skin be so smooth?”. If you are ready, we share the answer to the question with you. We share Korean recipes that will give you white, blemish-free, smooth, sagging and almost wrinkled skin. Introducing Korean women’s beauty secrets!

White skins reminiscent of porcelain are fashionable in Korea. Women also take extra care to keep their skin white. Women who use regular sunscreen prevent wrinkle and blemish problems before they occur. By choosing sunscreens with both UVA and UVB effects and refreshing them every 2 hours, you can prevent your skin from burning, wrinkling and sun spots. Again, due to the whiteness and natural beauty fashion, Korean women prefer natural-looking light make-up. The key to Korean women is the use of powder. Powders, which are lightly applied and are too transparent to create a mask effect on the skin, prevent the skin from shining. And it creates smoothness on the skin with its invisibility.

Avon K-Beauty Products;

Beauty From Nature

If you have entered Korea’s cosmetic markets, you must have seen that there are various kinds of paper masks. As you can imagine, masks that provide intensive care in a short time are used a lot in Korea. Koreans have made it a habit to do one care and one cleansing mask a week in their life routine. Paper masks are sometimes accompanied by ready-made gel packs and sometimes by natural mixtures.

Korean adults sleep an average of 6 to 8 hours each day. Korean people, who think that sleeping patterns are important, are also known for drinking plenty of water. Koreans, who make room for a healthy life in order not to lack moisture from their skin, also include sports. An adult Korean has 10 to 20 cosmetic ingredients that they use daily in his home.

Korean women also keep their daily salt intake as low as possible. Steam cleaning tools are often preferred in beauty centers. Believing that beauty comes from cleansing, Koreans cleanse their skin three times longer than usual. Serums obtained from natural oils, moisturizers that are fed to the skin with finger movements, masks that replace the face once a week are indispensable for them.

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Goodbye to Sunspots

We researched the best sunscreens that will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays from the latest Avon Brochure. The time when the sun warms our warm skin is approaching. Our bodies collect lots of vitamin D. Maybe you have already started to make your holiday plans. Well, have you chosen your sunscreen that is effective in protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun?

UV rays can cause serious health problems, especially blemishes on the skin, up to skin cancer. We don’t know anymore about them. It is recommended to be used not only in the moments we spend by the sea, but also in our daily life in summer and winter.

A variety of Avon Sunscreen

Innovations in the world of cosmetics offer us products that can meet many of our needs at the same time. The same goes for sun care products. The goal is no longer just to produce a cream that protects against harmful sun rays. Creams that prevent skin blemishes and reduce them, if any, are also on the market. It is very important that these creams moisturize the skin and even have anti-aging effects.

There are many products for dry, combination and oily skin. In addition, there are separate products for sensitive skin that is prone to atopic, ie allergic diseases, and has acne problems. If you also need such a comprehensive product, be sure to visit AVON. You can find the best sunscreen for your skin in this Avon Brochure. Thus, you can enjoy the pleasure of enjoying outdoors in summer.

Goodbye to Sunspots with Avon Sun Care Products;

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Gorgeous Nail Tips You Should Definitely Know

In this article, you will see gorgeous nail tips you should definitely know with products from Avon Brochure. As you know, another thing that is as important as choosing clothes or accessories for women is the choice of nail polish. With a few small points to pay attention to when choosing nail polish, you can achieve the perfect look in harmony with your style.

Every day, we make many decisions about our appearance, when we say dress selection, hair style and make-up, and we pay attention to many different points. Another point that the detail-oriented and perfectionist eyes will not miss is the nails and nail polishes.

You can overshadow the impression you create with neglected nails and an incompatible nail polish while you think you look gorgeous with everything. However, you can show how stylish you are with just a few details. There are a few main points to consider when choosing nail polish: Your skin color, the season you are in and of course your clothes.

Nail polish choice by the season

While more matte and dark colors are preferred in the winter months, it is useful to prefer much more colorful and fresh colors in the summer months. Lemon yellow, water green, light blue, powder colors and nude tones are very suitable colors for the summer season. These chirpy colors with your tan skin will allow you to carry the traces of summer on you.

Best Selections from latest Avon Brochure;

Considering our clothing choices in winter, it would be beneficial to choose more matte and dark colors. Colors such as burgundy and black that are the symbols of winter. You can complete your winter combinations with peace of mind with these nail polishes. In addition to these, there are nail polishes that you can use regardless of the season; like nude and red. You can use these nail polishes in any season, considering your outfit preference.

Nail polish preference by the outfit

Although there are nail polishes that you think will not suit your skin color or you should stay away from, it may not be possible to change the colors we love just because of this. We can use the same colors during shopping. In such cases, wearing nail polish as an accessory; In other words, we can keep the skin color in the background by ensuring that our clothes are complementary. When buying nail polish by our clothes, we can pay attention to the following;

1- It is not possible to buy a separate nail polish for each color of our clothes. For this reason, consider your wardrobe in general, and you can choose the nail polishes that are compatible with those colors.
2- Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors! A method that always works in fashion. Blue and orange are colors such as red and green that seem far from each other and make each other shine if used together.
3- Don’t forget to consider the accessories as well as the clothes. Do you especially prefer gold or silver-based accessories? Based on the answer to this question, it would be useful to reconsider your nail polish choice.
4- Do not forget your rescuers! From time to time we find it difficult to decide which color nail polish to use. There may be days when we don’t want to risk it. For this, never stop getting the classic colors. Like a nude shade suitable for your skin, beige, brighteners.

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Avon Makeup Brushes

Time to see Avon makeup brushes with the latest Avon Brochure! Makeup brushes are a must-have of makeup. Regardless of the quality of the make-up material, the desired result cannot be achieved unless it is applied with a correct make-up brush.

Although there are dozens of types of makeup brushes, there are basically indispensable brushes for makeup. In this article, we will browse the essential brushes for make-up and their use of makeup brushes.

Short Hair Eyeshadow Brush: Used when applying eyeshadow to the eyelids. The flat and blunt ends allow the headlight to spread comfortably. It gives intense colors, so it can be used in shading under the eyebrows. If you want your eyeshadow to appear darker, you can use a sponge-tip brush.

Avon Makeup Brushes;

There are many special Avon Products. Accessories, makeup products, skincare, personal care, hair care and many more. However, in this article, we focused on Avon Makeup brushes!

Blending Brush:

It also means shading brushes. The must-have brush for eye makeup is complementary. If you use many colors together in your eye make-up, it ensures that the colors mix with each other and look natural. This brush provides the distribution of dark colored eyeshadows to be used especially in the brow bone and folding area. Again, by distributing the gel eyeliner with the help of this brush, you can make it look more natural. Blending brushes can be narrower or wider from brand to brand.

Duo Fiber Brush:

They are brushes with wide, flat tip, dense bristles and generally have longer bristles compared to other brushes. The most important feature of these brushes is that they can be used in many make-up materials. Ideal for using foundation, powder and blush. It is one of the indispensable brushes as it functions many functions together.

Foundation Brush:

Although the Dua Fiber brush functions the same, it will not be able to apply as successfully as the main makeup brush. Especially if you use foundation or BB or CC cream daily, you should choose a foundation brush on its own. It can be preferred for the use of make-up bases as well as foundation. It is generally produced from goat hair.

Slanted Eyeliner Brush:

Slightly curved, dense brushes. It is used in gel eyeliner and powder eyeshadow version. In addition, if you want to shape your eyebrows with eyeshadow, you can choose this brush. It is a brush that can be used to line your lower lashes due to its thinness and curvature.

Curved Blush Brush:

It is very important that the blush looks natural. A steady, mold-shaped blush causes make-up to look ugly. Therefore, curved blush brushes are very important to distribute the blush well. With the help of this brush, a natural blush spread on the cheek will provide integrity to the make-up.

Kabuki brush:

These brushes are compact and an ideal powder brush to make sure you spread the powder evenly over your skin. It is also used for applying mineral makeup and in bronzor versions. It is small, long hairy.

Here are some makeup brushes with Avon Brochure in the UK! If you want to see more products, deals, and catalogues, visit its category page. Also, you can follow us on Facebook! Here u go!

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Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo

Browse benefits of sulfate free shampoo and useful products of top brands such as AVON! The more the shampoo foams, the more the foams flow with the water, the more we experience the satisfaction of being cleansed.

Here is exactly the sulfate that makes the shampoo lather intense. So what is sulfate? Is sulphate harmful and most importantly why is sulphate harmful? This information will guide you as to why you should use sulfate-free shampoo.

Why Use Sulfate Free Shampoo?

If you are wondering what are the benefits of sulfate-free shampoos, let’s dive into the matter a little bit now. It is useful to take a look at the benefits of sulfate-free shampoos at this point. You can reach many special and healthy shampoo on Avon Brochure! Browse them and get the best for you!

Here are the benefits of sulfate-free shampoos:

Preserves Hair Moisture

Hair products containing sulfate destroy the natural moisture of the hair and make the hair dry, dull, curly or even tular. In addition to all these, it dries the hair and can cause problems such as dandruff and hair loss. The remedy for problems such as broken hair ends, hair loss, hair breakage is to moisturize the hair. Such shampoos further deform already damaged hair.

Preserves Hair’s Own Natural Oil

Hair and scalp produce natural oils to keep hair healthy, protected and smooth. Since sulphates foam and work to drain dirt, this natural oil in the hair also dries. Sulfate-free shampoos do not affect the production of the hair’s natural oil.

Does Not Damage Hair Color

Shampoos containing SLS and SLES harden newly dyed hair. Shampoos that do not contain these chemicals extend the life of the hair dye and prevent the hair from hardening. It is also useful to support the hair care with a sulfate-free conditioner.

Gently Treats the Scalp

If you have sensitive scalp, you know what problems can be caused by encountering the wrong hair product. Your scalp becomes dry, flaky, irritated, itchy, etc. Sulfate-free hair products and shampoos are more gentle on the scalp.

Does Not Damage Hair’s Natural Curls

Sulfate-free shampoos help preserve the natural curl of the hair. If you are complaining about deformation of the curls, you may want to try sulfate-free shampoos. Also, sulfate-free shampoos do not irritate the eyes if you are suffering from burning eyes from shampoo in the shower. Especially, you should focus on part of haircare on Avon Catalogue. Discover them to reach the best!

Here are benefits of sulfate free shampoo with Avon Brochure! If you want to discover more product reviews, cosmetics deals, and beauty tips, visit the home page. Also, you can check out the category pages and see your favorite brands’ offers in the UK! And, you can follow us on Facebook to see the latest deals!

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How To Order Avon Products?

Hello, today’s topic is How To Order Avon Products from Avon Brochure! I will help you answer a question that has been asked a lot. How can I order Avon? You know Avon is a Network Marketing company. These types of companies are established on membership and thus, campaigns and discounts are used.

Avon followed a path that made this system even easier. You can do your own business on the Internet. If you want, you can apply for a representative or as a customer. I also experienced this process and wanted to share with you.

You have two ways to order Avon.

Method 1; To be a representative. When you become an Avon representative, you have the chance to shop at much more affordable prices than you see in the catalogs and benefit from different campaigns. You can open my online store by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Avon to representatives. With my first purchase as a representative, you can get items such as surprise gifts, magazines, and lipstick samples for free.

Method 2; To be a customer. Being an Avon customer is very simple. If you do not have an Avon representative around you, you can easily do this yourself over the internet.

Avon Clearskin Pore Shine Mask

Avon Clearskin series offers solutions for problematic skin. It aims to relieve skin problems caused by black spots, pores, red appearance and acne. Today we will review Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Purifying Charcoal Mask and Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Purifying Charcoal Soap containing charcoal extracts and salicylic acid.

Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Charcoal Mask;

Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Charcoal Mask; With the charcoal extracts and Salicylic Acid it contains, it promises to absorb excess oil on the skin, purify the skin and give a matte appearance. In plastic, tube packaging. 75 ml. It has a service life of 12 months after opening. Not tested on animals.

I love the fragrance of the Avon charcoal mask. It is enough to spread a small amount on the skin. It dries up quickly. After two or three minutes of application, it dries completely and turns into a light gray color. It completely absorbs the dirt and oil accumulated in the pores.

It gives a light refreshment while on your face. A comfortable mask does not bother during the waiting period. Moreover, it is very important to dry in a short time. You can make your mask in 5 minutes and wash your face. It is also comfortable to clean from the face. Wash it off with lukewarm water. It is a very useful mask for normal to dry skin, sensitive skin and young skin. After cleansing, your face will look bright and cleansed.

Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Soap Containing Charcoal;

Avon Clearskin Pore & Shine Soap Containing Charcoal; It aims to clean the dirt and oil on the skin with the coal extracts it contains. It is recommended to use twice a day. 75 grams of soap that smells very good. It foams quickly. Spread the foam on your face and then rinse thoroughly. It purifies your skin successfully without creating tension and drying your skin.

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Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Sales 2021

Time to see Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Sales 2021! Since women are more emotional than men, there are more gift options to be offered to women on Valentine’s Day. When choosing gifts for women, it is important to know the style, tastes and habits of the woman you love.

Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Sales 2021

Face, eye and lip makeup are among the beautification and personal care activities that women attach great importance to and perform quite regularly. Produced by the world’s most famous brands such as Avon, Oriflame, Huda Beauty, Dior, Mac; You can gift face, eye and lip makeup products to your wife or girlfriend as a very special Valentine’s Day gift.

In addition to make-up products, if you wish, in Avon‘s rich product collection; You can also buy makeup accessories such as face, eye and lip brushes, make-up applicators, make-up bags and brush sets as gifts. And you can make your lover quite happy on this most special day of the year.


MAC is one of the world’s professional makeup brands. They continue to set trends in gorgeous makeup. The range of products with a color scale that captivates the minds of women is the favorite of the fans both in daily life and professional makeup. Compact / liquid foundation, concealers, palette and brushes that distribute evenly to the skin tone and offer excellent coverage; Long-lasting, creamy, matte options and lipsticks that highlight the lips, as well as skin care products are also included in this discount.

Among other cosmetic and personal care products you can buy for your lover on Valentine’s Day, there are many impressive perfumes. In addition to these, there are face, skin and hair care products. You can buy women’s perfumes produced by world-famous perfume producers such as Jo Malone, Hermes, Bvlgari and Lancome as one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts.

Personal Care Products

Personal care and cosmetic products are among the most meaningful gifts for male or female partners on Valentine’s Day. And they make your partner feel valued. Boots; With its prestigious brands, thousands of product types and various campaigns and discounts special for Valentine’s Day, it continues to be with you on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. You can take advantage of the advantageous prices Boots offers for Valentine’s Day. And they present it to your lover as a special Valentine’s Day gift.

So here is Valentine’s Day Cosmetic Sales 2021! If you want to see more cosmetics, check out the home page. Also, you can follow us on Facebook!

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How to Do Makeup for Video Interviews

Check out how to do makeup for video interviews with products from Avon Brochure! How to make up in video calls? We tell you what to do step by step! When we talk about online education and working from home, we have been encountering situations such as video calls and opening cameras in meetings for a long time.

In this school and work environment where most of us attend at home, we may need to make up for video calls. It’s not just about looking beautiful, it’s also feeling good. We can make small touches to stimulate the routine at home and to be more motivated. In this article, we shared the problem of makeup in video calls with you.

Recommendations for healthy and vibrant skin

While we work at home, of course, we don’t make up like we’re going out, our old makeup routine has changed a bit. When we make up for video calls, we mostly prioritize skin make-up. We prefer to apply a light foundation and concealer to show our skin healthier and more vibrant, even tone.

Usually, AVON foundation is our savior. With its formula containing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, this foundation, which also cares for our skin, has a very natural finish. We also don’t look like makeup, as it looks like it doesn’t exist while hiding skin imperfections.

But if we’re in a hurry and we suddenly need to turn on a camera at a meeting, that’s where we turn to one of the best concealers: AVON Concealer! This concealer, which hides the tired look instantly and removes the dark circles under the eyes in one go, is always at hand when we need to make up fast.

Prominent eyebrows

Eyebrows are also extremely important in video calls. Naturally defined and smooth looking eyebrows are also a must. For this, a tinted brow mascara is extremely useful. AVON Eyebrow Mascara is very useful for quickly defining and shaping eyebrows. Its tiny comb combs the eyebrows practically, making it look straighter and distinct.

The effect of blush

Blush is also an extremely effective step in video call makeup. We never skip it as it is a step that instantly gives the skin vitality and makes us look more energetic. AVON gives the skin a healthy color with its natural coral tone. This blush, which disperses very easily with its powder formula, is one of our favorites because it can be easily increased.

Moist and full lips

If you do not want to apply such a dense lipstick in video calls, you can choose a lip gloss that will moisturize your lips and make them look fuller. Thus, you will be cared for and your lips will look great. AVON Lip Gloss gives an understated effect thanks to its natural nude shades. Moreover, while moisturizing the lips with its formulas containing hyaluronic acid, it also makes them look smoother and fuller.

Here are some useful tips to makeup for video interviews with Avon Brochure. If you want to see more Avon Products, offers, and beauty tips, visit the home page. Also, follow us on Facebook and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

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Avon Products with Qootw!

You can discover the latest Avon Brochure and the latest Avon products from our Avon category page. Avon manages to attract the attention of female users with its make-up products. With your make-up, you can beautify the face and its surroundings and feel special. When the make-up is applied correctly, it reveals your facial features and supports the coloring of your combinations.,

Avon Make-up

You can make your make-up colorful with a variety of quality products. You can choose light applications for your daily make-up. Also, you can achieve a smoother look on your skin with facial makeup products that you will use to cover your skin imperfections. Face make-up, which forms the basis of your make-up, plays an important role in the clarification of your facial lines and equalization of your skin tone.

You can create the base of your make-up by choosing the product that is compatible with your skin tone among Avon foundation products. With the contours and blush procedures, you apply on your foundation, you can make the lines and bones on your face clear. In addition, you can use powder to fix the products you apply on your face.

An important point in make-up is the eyes. With Avon products, you can reveal the structure of your eyes and color your makeup. The headlights with a wide scale that you can use help your eyelids to deepen and gain color.

Avon Skincare

Avon not only cares about the color of your skin but also its care and repair. Skincare is part of good looks. You can choose skincare products produced by Avon to take good care of your skin. You can use Avon body lotion to provide the moisture your skin needs. In addition to providing moisture, body lotions have many advantageous features.

You can use Avon’s care products to create effective care for your skin. Serums and creams that can be good for your wrinkles are available in their product range. They offer you a routine that you can do regularly, day and night. So you don’t have to fight skin problems by providing the necessary care.

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