If your skin shines and the freshness of your make-up deteriorates shortly after applying make-up, you need CHANEL Poudre Universelle Compacte. Transparent powder is also known as make-up fixing powder, as it is also used as a fixative in skin make-up. You can use transparent powder to fix the under-eye concealer or the entire face when contouring.


The function of the transparent powder we use to fix the make-up is not just to fix our make-up. While instantly absorbing the shine caused by the excess sebum secreted by our skin, it also hides the appearance of pores and fine lines. It is beneficial to use it especially in the T Zone and around the eyes when our make-up is finished to eliminate the need to refresh the make-up during the day. It also prevents the accumulation of concealer caused by moisture or facial expressions around the eyes, while reflecting the light homogeneously, allowing you to obtain a brighter appearance.

CHANEL Offers This Week;

Since it contains glycerin, it does not create a dry matte powder appearance, so it is suitable for use by all skin types. The product, which was previously produced only as transparent, is now in production with a choice of 4 different tones. Those who want to support the warm bronze appearance, especially in the summer months, can also choose medium-medium dark and dark tones.

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