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Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP

Of course, Dior is one of the important brands that does not miss its name with the best women’s perfume options and the bestseller list. Christian Dior presented its first collection in 1947. It became a world brand in a very short time. We have known Dior with its seductive fragrances since its first collections. Here is Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison, a seductive, sensual, aphrodisiac fragrance that reflects exactly Dior.

Hypnotic Poison is gaining a lot of appreciation from its users with its stylish design. Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison finds its place in the first row when it comes to women’s perfumes. If taken, it is possible to use it comfortably for at least 2-3 years and become addicted.

Scent Shades and Aroma

Christian Dior HypnoticPoison has four different flavors that contradict each other. Musk with bitter almond and cumin, Arabian Jasmine, Rosewood and sensory vanilla. As it can be understood from its content, it is not a suitable perfume for those who do not like heavy and specific fragrances and seek fresher and lighter summer fragrances. It is possible to count the Hypnotic Poison note order as follows. Top note plum, apricot, coconut; middle note tuberose, lily, rose, cumin and base notes sandalwood, almond, vanilla, musk.

With its fruity and sweet aroma, it leaves a pleasant and cute feeling, and the balance it provides with its heavier and attractive state as it goes down to the lower notes is dizzy. Blends include vanilla, bitter almond and sweet flowers. Although it is ideal for winter months and evenings, it is possible to create a solution for those who do not want to give up this seductive fragrance in summer. If it is squeezed half an hour before going out, it leaves your weight and leaves you alone with its light, pleasant, fruity scent.

Permanence and Impact!

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison is one of the perfumes that you cannot hold back when you say women’s perfumes suggestions. I can easily say that it is very successful in terms of both permanence and impact. It certainly does not let the user down. After using its effect, it will be very easy to measure it with the increase in the number of people asking for your perfume. It’s a pretty sexy and exotic feminine fragrance.

While there are people who say it is a unisex fragrance, most would certainly agree that it is a women’s fragrance. It is only useful to remind that the scent of the perfume is not light. The fragrance is suitable for all skin types as well as ideal for daily use. A fragrance with a wide age range depends entirely on whether you prefer a heavy scent or a light fragrance individually. Get it with unbeatable Dior offers and enjoy shopping!

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