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Classic Red lipsticks are a candidate to be the signature of all beautiful smiles! Whether you use your red lipstick for a night out or use it daily like a French touch. There is a red lipstick suitable for every place, time and skin. We have compiled red lipsticks, the address of timeless existence. Classic red lipstick list

Deciding how to choose red lipstick, which has a different shade among the lipstick colors of each woman, actually depends on the cultural background. A century ago and today, red lips remain attractive. Here is the interesting history of red lipstick.

Legacy of the Color Red

Red has many cultural connotations that have made it a popular and sometimes controversial color over the years. However, red lipstick has stood the test of time, becoming truly iconic. Since the inception of red lipstick, what all shades of red have in common is that for the person who chooses to wear it. It makes a bold statement to people of all ages, classes, and cultures around the world.

While red lips were a sign of aristocracy in places like Egypt, other countries of the world saw it as a sign of too much courage.
This pressure continued in England in the 1700s. In 1770, a law even ruled that a marriage could be annulled if a woman wore lipstick before her wedding day. Although Queen Elizabeth I was known for wearing bright red lips with powdery white skin, lipstick continued to be associated with women with a poor standard of living and even with actresses.

By the 1920s, almost 40 years after it was introduced by Guerlain, wearing lipstick was finally accepted and fashionable for a Londoner. Dark Red was the color of choice in the 1920s.

Women began to wear red lipstick as a symbol of their newfound independence. Actress Clara Bow inspired the red lipstick that went on at the time and was called “cupid’s bow.” Women now had the freedom to apply their lipstick in public.

Classic Red Lipsticks Today

Today, red lipstick is synonymous with fashion, glamor, beauty, luxury, wealth and much more. The legacy of red lipstick continues to influence fashion and cosmetics today, with endless possibilities and potential for color combinations and bold statements.

However, red, a lipstick color with a power of expression beyond the power of choice. It has sometimes been praised or excluded by the society. However, it has brought us closer to the freedom of expression we have today. And built a historical legacy for something as simple as adding color to your lips.

Over the years, red lipstick has given icons such as Marilyn Monroe their distinctive look or added beauty. And grace to beloved characters such as a large ensemble of Disney princesses. Everywhere we look, shades of red lipstick have added color, courage and charisma to the global scene, from fashion magazines to the big screen.


While pink lipstick tones reflect the vitality of spring, nudes are candidates to be the touch of simplicity. But red lipsticks are the signature of makeup. While red lipstick gives a characteristic touch to the make-up, it also reveals its dynamic, bold and confident air. It is important to find the right color and touch according to skin color, time and place. So we have compiled red lipsticks in different shades and with different finishes for you. Red lipstick series that will attract attention in every environment.

Red lipstick has been indispensable for make-up materials for thousands of years. These coloring tools, which were produced differently in each period, were a way to look both healthy and beautiful. Today, however, it is quite interesting that the tone of red lipstick is actually based on different techniques thousands of years ago.

The Best MAC Lipsticks;

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