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Could Your Face Mask Be Causing Your Acne?

In this article, we will answer the question of Could Your Face Mask Be Causing Your Acne with Clinique Offers! Let’s read it and discover the best products and solutions!

Could Your Face Mask Be Causing Your Acne?

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, using a mask has become an important part of our daily lives. Although we are gradually getting used to living with an apparatus that constantly covers a part of our face, the problems caused by the use of masks become more apparent as time goes on.

One of the problems that develop due to the use of masks is acne on the face and even inside the nose. This situation is so common by this reason: Maskne.

In the areas covered by the mask, the skin remains more airless and becomes more suitable for oiling or drying. This causes the natural balance of the pores to deteriorate and paves the way for the formation of acne and similar formations. In addition to these formations, which can be seen especially in the chin, cheek and neck region, it is possible to develop acne even inside the nose.

Rosacea are more prone to skin problems due to the mask. Rosacea manifests itself with redness and swelling on the nose, cheeks and chin area. Also they can cause small acne-like formations. Preventing the skin from breathing with the mask and increasing irritation due to friction can also increase this type of acne.

In the same areas, people with dry skin can also experience flaking and redness. The constant use of masks, especially on eczema-prone skin, may exacerbate eczema symptoms.

What to do to protect the skin when using a mask?

Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily. Be sure to use products with natural ingredients, especially fragrance-free, and moisturize your face by gently massaging if possible, after washing your face. There are many cleansers on Clinique. They are very effective solutions. You must try them!

After washing your face, before putting on the mask and at night, moisturize your lips with a suitable moisturizer. If you need a good moisturizers, you should give a chance to Clinique Products!

Avoid makeup as much as possible. Especially foundation and similar products that are applied to the entire face, clog the pores and pave the way for acne-like formations.

Avoid irritating your skin. Peeling and similar treatments will increase the irritation associated with the mask, even if it feels good at normal times. It is possible to reach many good solutions for the healthiest skin on Clinique!

Be careful with the mask you use. If your skin is sensitive, use masks made of 100% cotton fabric with a soft inside.

Remove the mask at appropriate intervals. Experts are of the opinion that it would be appropriate to take a 15-minute break at least every 4 hours.

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