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Time to discover new Huda Beauty products! Therefore, we have put the Naughty eyeshadow palette under the spotlight for you with the Haze Obbsession eyeshadow palette and its matching Lip Haze Liquid lipstick series, which Huda Beauty has just released, the iconic brand Huda Beauty, in which Huda Kattan conveys all her beauty secrets

Haze Obsession Purple Palette

Metallic purples, the naivety of lilac color, shimmering nude and copper tones. The Haze Obsession Purple Palette eyeshadow palette has brought together all the colors you need to have warm, striking and remarkable looks. So if you want to make a colorful introduction to the winter months, the Haze Obsession Purple Palette eyeshadow palette is waiting for you!

Haze Obsession Khaki Palette

The meeting of brown and caramel tones with the elegant and silky texture of rose. Luminous nude colors combine with brown and dry rose colors to help your smoky eye make-up look perfect. For sparkling and romantic looks, Haze Obssesion Khaki Palette eyeshadow palette will be the ideal choice for you.

Haze Obsession Sand Palette

All the colors you need for a fine smokey eye make-up are in a single eyeshadow palette; metallic rose bronze tones, shimmering rose gold and creamy nude shades. Haze Obssesion Sand Palette eyeshadow palette will be your favorite for elegant and assertive looks.

Lip Haze Liquid Matte Ruj

With the Lip Haze liquid lipstick series, which attracts attention with its color range compatible with Haze Obssesion eyeshadow palettes, your lips will have a velvety and matte appearance. Also, lip Haze seems to be indispensable for your winter months with its spicy. And silky texture with the perfect harmony of brown and pink tones.

Naughty Nude Palette

The eyeshadow palette, which has a matte and creamy structure, stands out with its shimmering shades. With exactly 18 different color tones, in your eyes. So you will feel the softness of velvet, the vibrancy of metallic colors, the simplicity of nude shades and the energy of many other colors. Explore the Naughty Nude Palette eyeshadow palette for colorful, deep and smoky looks.

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