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End of Summer Care with AVON

Let’s discover end of summer care with Avon Brochure! We are leaving behind another beautiful summer season. After hot and long days and fun nights, every part of our body was worn out. Now it’s repair time. We shared with you the care you need to do from hair to feet against general damages that may occur in summer with useful Avon Products!

AVON Hair Care;

Our hair has been damaged throughout the summer, from salty sea water to chlorinated pool water, from sun rays to the accessories used. First of all, we need to restore this moisture to our hair that has lost its moisture. In addition, we must take care of our worn, broken and cracked hair with products suitable for our hair type. View the latest Avon Catalogue and find the best for you hair!

AVON Hair Solutions

Avon Skin Care;

It should take the first place in facial skin care. Again, we need to give our face the moisture it has lost during the summer. You should renew the damaged skin by tightening the skin care routine you always apply. And you should continue to use sunscreen by lowering the SPF rate.

The lips are the most sensitive part of the face. Again, you should moisturize and strengthen your lips with skin care that you will do more often.

AVON Facial Care;

Avon Body Care;

Except for the summer months, the areas of our skin other than the face and neck are not exposed to many external factors. However, the situation is reversed in the summer months and almost all of our skin can be damaged. First, we’ll call it hydration again. Right after, we will suggest you to apply the body skin care routine that you have missed all year at least for a few months.

AVON Bath & Body

Like our body, our feet are particularly affected during the summer months. Sandals or barefoot activities cause our feet to cope with unfamiliar effects. First of all, foot peeling will be very effective. After gently cleaning the dead skin, of course, comes the moisturizer. We recommend applying your moisturizer before going to bed at night and going to bed with socks. You will wake up with soft feet in the morning.

So here is the End of Summer Care with Avon Products! For more cosmetics deals, products, and beauty tricks, visit the home page!

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