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One of the basic conditions of maintaining soft, beautiful and healthy-looking feet is to apply regular care every day.

Unfortunately, many of us forget to include our feet in our regular skincare routine. Understanding the causes of dry, cracked feet and avoiding these problems is much easier than trying to eliminate the problems later. Therefore, do not forget that your feet are also worthy of attention.

Why Do Feet Dry?

Since the soles of the feet have no oil glands, the skin on the feet is naturally dry, so sometimes it can be difficult to keep your feet moist. Dry skin on the feet is a common problem. It usually occurs between the toes, on the toes and heel, or in areas where there is a lot of pressure or friction. For this reason, it is useful to pay special attention to these points during foot care.

How Should You Care for Dry, Cracked Feet?

First, soak your feet in water or a foot bath for 10 to 15 minutes to help soften the skin. Then gently file the thickened skin with pumice stone. After exfoliating, apply a heavy foot cream or ointment containing shea butter or cocoa butter to your feet. Use lotion or heel creams containing salicylic acid to soften hard calluses.


Make sure to moisturize your feet daily. You can also use lotions containing Vaseline. Glycerin draws moisture into the layers of the skin, and the gel traps that moisture in to help keep your feet moist throughout the day. You can also benefit from moisturizing creams specially developed for feet. See the latest Avon Catalogue to see the best care products!

AVON Foot Care Products;

Choose the Right Shoes

Ideally, you should always choose flat, well-fitting shoes that support the feet. However, do not forget to moisturize your feet regularly and intensively, as high-heeled shoes, which are preferred to look more stylish, and the flip-flops that we keep on our feet in summer, increase friction. Flip-flops and open shoes expose the feet to external factors, which can lead to dry skin.

Avoid Hard Peels

Do not use harsh peels regularly, as they can further dry out your skin. Instead, try brushing your feet with a soft brush. As soon as you finish exfoliating, apply a moisturizer to replenish lost moisture and hydrate the skin.


Pedicure is an integral part of foot care. If you’re doing your own pedicure, opt for a curved pedicure clipper and nail clippers that are shaped to follow the natural curve of the nails.
Your nails naturally become more brittle with age. Ingredients found in some nail polishes and acetones can dry out your nails. Pedicure experts recommend using a formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate-free polish and an alcohol-free acetone. Use cuticle cream, petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil to moisturize your toenails. Apply it to the entire nail and rub gently.

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