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French Makeup Trends

Today’s topic is about French Makeup Trends with MAC Offers! Parisian style combines naturalness and elegance. It is one of the most popular styles. If you like this look, how about trying a French style makeup trend?

We have compiled for you all the French makeup trends you need to know and the products you must use while applying makeup. Let’s take a look at the details and special MAC Products together!

French Makeup Trends;

The must-haves of the French make-up style are a lively and glowing skin, prominent and messy eyebrows, smoky or nude eye make-up and red lipstick. In addition to all these make-up trends, we should also mention that they take good care of themselves and their skin. After all, no make-up looks good on a neglected skin. Let’s take a look at a comprehensive makeup guide that will make you blow the French winds.

Natural skin

The sine qua non of the Parisian make-up style is, of course, a natural and effortless look. For this, French women always prefer a natural and glowing skin. You should definitely stay away from a foundation with intense coverage and a different shade from your skin color. Your preference should be products that are slim, in your own skin color and that make the skin look lively. For this, you can choose color equalizing products such as BB and CC creams as well as light foundations. The important point here is to capture the smooth skin appearance naturally. You should definitely stay away from contouring and shaping your face. French women don’t do contours. Don’t forget to use illuminator. Creamy illuminators will make your skin look naturally radiant.

Smokey or nude eye makeup

There are two different eye make-ups that French women often prefer. One of them is eye makeup in natural nude tones. You can complete your eye make-up in nude tones with curled eyelashes. Curled eyelashes are a must for this style. That’s why you should definitely get an eyelash curler. The other is the natural application of smoky eye makeup. After applying the creamy eyeliner in black or dark tones, distribute it naturally with your finger or using a brush. Don’t let this mess bother you. Because the key here is a sloppy look.

Slightly rosy cheeks

We said that the most important detail of the Parisian style is naturalness. You should choose your blush in favor of natural tones. Thus, you can achieve a spontaneously fried or pinked appearance. For this, a lightly pigmented, radiant and natural-toned blush; You can apply it lightly to the parts of your cheeks that stand out when you smile.

Defined and natural eyebrows

The thin and plucked eyebrows that used to be in fashion have left their place to natural and prominent eyebrows. You should try this look inspired by the Parisian make-up style! You can have natural eyebrows by fixing your eyebrows that are combed upwards and in dark colors. Your messy eyebrows will complete your French style make-up.

Red lipstick

The first thing that comes to mind when we say Parisian makeup style is of course red lipsticks! It is possible to see French women with red lipstick at any time of the day. You may think that the naturalness we emphasize in the Parisian style contradicts the red lipstick. But they apply the lipstick naturally without trying to make their lips look bigger. At the same time, they prefer satin lipsticks instead of matte lipsticks. Complementing your makeup with red lipstick will bring you closer to the Parisian style.

Mac Satin Red Lipstick

As we mentioned before, when you think of Paris style, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably red lips. Red, which is one of the most assertive colors, will reveal your courage. The most important thing when choosing a red lipstick is to choose the tone that suits your skin tone. There are different red lipsticks with warm, cool and neutral undertones. Once you find the color that suits you best, we are sure that you will not be able to give up on this color. You can find the satin red lipstick, which is often used in Parisian style, at Mac. With Mac Satin Red, you can get the Parisian style you want. Its creamy and permanent formula will highlight your lips in the most beautiful way.

So here are French Makeup Trends with MAC Offers! If you want to see more products, deals, and tips, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts. We share the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

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