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How to Moisturize Dry Skin?

How to moisturize dry skin? Those with dry skin sometimes complain of flaking on their skin. This can be very annoying, especially during the make-up period. If you are suffering from dry skin, you may be able to reverse it with the right skin care routine and use the good products. In addition, having the most beautiful and smooth appearance is directly proportional to knowing your skin and noticing the changes. Let’s read this article and check out the best products from Avon Brochure!

In general, there is a misconception that those with dry skin will dry out more if their skin is cleaned. Those with dry skin should not neglect their skin cleansing routine. You can wash your skin with non-hot, lukewarm or cold water. You can support it with a tonic or gel that does not cause dryness and traps water. Afterwards, you can add intense moisture to your skin by using products such as care oil or serum that you choose with natural oil content. It is possible to find many natural and healthy selections on the Avon Catalogue! View AVON Products and buy the best for your skin type!

In order for your skin to always be moist and smooth, you should not neglect your oil care and skin cleansing care. By choosing products containing oil and fatty acids such as jojoba, shea, almond or argan, you can provide all the moisture your skin needs. You can find many of them on AVON! Enjoy getting the best at low prices!

What Causes Dry Skin?

Decreased sebum production: sebum production decreases with age. This is an important factor among the causes of dry skin. Because the number and activity of sebaceous glands in the skin tend to decrease with age.

Loss of existing sebum: This is usually due to lifestyle factors such as frequent showering with very hot water, excessive scrubbing of the skin while washing, or harsh soaps that dissolve the protective layer of sebum. In such cases, the result is dry skin over the entire body, especially among those who shower several times a day. Many products that will increase the amount of sebum are available in AVON Brochure UK!

Without proper care, dryness can cause the skin to thicken and crack. This can turn the current problem into a chronic one. Normal skin has a flexible and soft structure due to its sufficient water content. In order for the skin to feel soft and supple, the top layer of the skin must contain sufficient water. It is also not desirable for the outer layer of the skin to lose water. To help protect against this, an oily substance called sebum is produced in the skin.

Useful AVON Care Products;

If you don’t have enough sebum, your skin can lose water and feel dry as a result. Many factors also cause you to feel drier. And if the ability of sebum to prevent water loss is suppressed, the skin will shrink and crack. The most prominent symptom of dry skin is itching, but most people notice that their skin is flaky. Dry skin symptoms can get worse, especially during the winter months when we have dry air when we take advantage of the warming options. Once you start taking care of your skin by being gentler, the flaking or itching of dry skin may go away in a week or two. In most cases, a good moisturizer will make your skin appear softer and more supple.

So here is how to moisturize dry skin with AVON! If you want to check out more tips, deals, and products, visit the home page. Also, you can check out other category pages and see more cosmetics offers in the UK!

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