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How to Take Care of Skin, Hair and Body in Winter?

Check out how to take care of skin, hair, and body in winter with AVON Brochure! You should browse these tricks and follow the steps! Here u go!

You should pay extra attention to your care on winter days when the weather is quite cold. Since the moisturizers you apply to your skin throughout the summer will be insufficient in the cold of winter, you should switch to moisturizers with a high oil content and dense consistency, suitable for your skin. If you are in search for skincare for your skin type, you should give a chance to AVON!

Things To Do To Refresh

Doing personal care regularly gives positive results. That’s why autumn care recommendations help you. You should not use your high-protection sunscreens that you use when going out to the scorching sun of summer in autumn. If you prefer products with a lighter structure and less protection factor instead, you will not tire your skin much.

While you tend towards lightness in sunscreens, you need to switch to a more intense consistency in moisturizers. Due to the strong wind in autumn and the variable weather that is sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy, your skin becomes dry, cracked and sore. It is very important to use your moisturizer every day to avoid skin problems. We shared some special moisturizers of the latest AVON Brochure below!

AVON Moisturizers;

  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System, £10
  • Anew Platinum Day Lifting Cream SPF25, £18
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil All Day Hydration Cream SPF30, £6
  • Anew Ultimate Day Firming Cream SPF25, £16
  • Anew Dark Circle Corrector Dual Eye System, £12
  • Nutra Effects Ageless Protecting Day Cream SPF30, £6
  • Anew Ultimate Night Restoring Cream, £16
  • Anew Reversalist Night Revitalising Cream, £15
  • Distillery Sleep Potion Night Cream, £16
  • Anew Hydrating Pro Water Gel Vitamin D Cream, £14
  • Anew Ultimate Day and Night Cream Duo, £20

Care Tips for Chapped Lips

In your brisk life, you should moisturize your dry, cracked and sore lips. You can have soft and full lips with the lip peeling you will apply once a week and the moisturizer you will apply every day. You realize how eye-catching the lipstick is when applied to healthy-looking lips. There are many good solutions for chapped lips on Avon Catalogue. You should try AVON Products to get rid of this situation!

How should hair care be in winter?

While moisturizing your entire skin, you should not forget your hair. Winter is a good time to heal your summer dry hair. Moisture-containing shampoos, care oils, and care serums fortified with rich aromas help you have strong and shiny hair. The hair loss period, which starts in autumn, continues in the winter period. For this reason, you should take care to make a mask for your hair. We share the best Avon hair care below! Browse it!

AVON Hair Care!

  • Absolute Nourishment Argan Hair Serum, £3.50
  • Heat Protection Leave-In Spray, £2.50
  • Absolute Nourishment Shampoo, £4
  • Ultimate Shine Hair Serum, £3.50
  • Absolute Nourishment Conditioner, £4
  • Reconstruction Treatment Hair Serum, £3.50
  • Miracle Densifier Leave-In Treatment, £5
  • Absolute Nourishment Argan and Coconut Treatment Oil, £9
  • Ultimate Shine Illuminating Treatment Spray, £5
  • Ultra Sleek Hair Serum, £3.50
  • Miracle Densifier Shampoo, £4
  • Brush Cleaning Tool, £2
  • Pro Cushion Hair Brush, £6
  • Advance Techniques Loss Control Leave-In Treatment Spray, £5
  • Sensitive 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner, £2
  • Absolute Nourishment Bi-Phase Hair Treatment Spray, £5
  • Macadamia Nut Oil Shampoo, £2.50

Tips for Winter Makeup

This transition period, in which you need to change your make-up habits gradually, has a romantic structure in which pastel tones gain weight. It is possible to switch from BB creams used throughout the summer to foundations with a slightly denser consistency and more concealing properties. In autumn, when earth tones are preferred rather than vibrant make-up colors, the perfume scent used starts to be spicy and sugar-based.

AVON Popular Makeup;

  • Glimmerstick Eyeliner Limited Edition Shades, £3
  • Unlimited Drama Instant Lift Mascara, £9
  • Anew Revival Serum Lipstick, £8
  • Unlimited Drama Instant Lift Mascara, £9
  • Make Up Brushes Set, £32.50
  • Avon True SPF15 Flawless Liquid Foundation, £10
  • Avon True Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner, £6
  • Gel Shine Nail Enamel, £4
  • Avon True Ultra Satin Lipstick, £5.50
  • True Colour Perfect Wear Eyeshadow Quad, £5.50
  • mark. Loose Powder Foundation, £5.50
  • Lisa Armstrong Dazzle Sticks, £10
  • Avon True SPF15 Cream-to-Powder Foundation Compact, £10
  • Avon True SPF12 Nourishing Lip Oil, £4.50

It adds color to your life with what every season brings. You should create routines for yourself to prepare both your body and soul for the season. Don’t forget to take time for yourself to have a well-groomed, healthy and wonderful winter!

So here is How to Take Care of Skin with AVON Products! You can check out the home page and see more deals, tips, and beauty tricks! We share the latest cosmetics offers regularly! Also, follow us on Facebook!

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