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How to Take Care of Your Hair

Let’s view how to take care of your hair with Oriflame Catalogue this week! If the hair is washed every other day, this is the most ideal for the hair. However, if you do not have time due to the busy work schedule, it is imperative that you wash your hair well at least twice a week.

Otherwise, the roots of the hair become oily and the scalp cannot get the air it needs, and therefore hair loss begins. So you should need some hair care for this sitution! Oriflame products will help you for healthy hair! Let’s try their products and get healthy hair!

How to Take Care of Your Hair

Among the main causes of hair loss are the inability of the scalp to get enough air, the hair being under a hat all day long, constantly applied dyes, excessive stress, some diseases and, of course, hereditary conditions.

If your hair is very dirty, wash your hair at least 2 times during each bath. After washing, absorb excess water from the hair with the help of a clean towel. Afterwards, dry your hair with a hair dryer, provided that you do not hold the machine too close to the hair. Keeping the machine close to the hair means you burn your hair without realizing it. But it is best to dry the hair by itself.

Oriflame Hair Care;

However, drying the hair in winter without help can cause inflammation of the scalp and sinusitis. Therefore, it will be better to dry the hair with a machine, but carefully, especially in winter.

Apart from these, the most necessary thing in the care of the hair is to go to the hairdresser at least once every 6 months and have the broken hair removed.

Apart from routine hair care, those who have dry, dyed or permed hair should have hair care at least once a month. For this, olive oil or almond oil can be applied to the hair before washing. After these oils are left on the hair for at least 30 minutes, the hair should be washed normally.

If you have normal hair, at least once a month, you should apply a hair mask that you will prepare with egg yolk, half a fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil. Feed this mixture especially on the roots of the hair and after half an hour wash it normally.

So here are some tricks for how to take care of your hair with Oriflame Catalogue! You can check out the home page and see more products, deals, and catalogues. Also, follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

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