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Korean Skin Care For A Healthy Skin

Let’s see Korean skin care for a healthy skin with products of Avon Brochure! Korean skin care has become a lifestyle nowadays. The result of the combination of Korean passion for healthy skin and scientific research, this new skincare phenomenon is producing mind-blowing results.

Today, Korean skin care is spread all over the world with the huge export figures of Korean cosmetic brands. This skincare trend aims to provide the skin with the most intense glow possible. Korean skin care routine promises a radiant and healthy skin for life. This special routine consists of many different phases. The skin care philosophy of the Koreans basically consists of three main practices:

  • Cleaning
  • Treatment
  • Protection

Each application has its own sub-stages. As Korean skincare becomes mainstream, it becomes easier to learn about these stages. This is why the famous Korean skin care routine consisting of 10 steps has become very common. They use cleansers, tonics, ampoules and essences that suit their skin needs, so that their skin has the moisture and cleanliness it needs. You can find all of them on Avon Catalogue!

Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean skin care philosophy requires applying the right products that the skin needs, in the right way and in the right order. The Korean skin care routine, which basically consists of 10 steps, is also available to make various additions on a weekly and monthly basis. Here are the Korean skin care routine steps that will make your skin look as healthy and shiny as glass.

Eye Makeup Cleanser

Koreans’ skin care routine starts with applying a special cleanser around the eyes, as the eye area is much thinner and more sensitive.

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Double Cleanse

First, all make-up and dirt residues on the skin surface are dissolved with an oil-based cleanser. Then the pores are thoroughly cleaned with a foam or gel cleanser.


One of the principles of the Korean skincare routine is this: Less is better! Therefore, it is not recommended to do the peeling application every day.


With a tonic suitable for the skin type, all the residues of the skin cleansing stages are purified from the skin and the skin is prepared for the next stages.


Essences have a lighter structure than the serums. They prepare the skin for products to be applied in the future.


This stage must be the most exciting stage for skin care enthusiasts! This is where your favorite serums and ampoules come into play to heal and brighten your skin.

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Sheet Masks

This step, of course, does not need to be practiced every day. However, a sheet mask that you will apply to your skin on a weekly basis will trap moisture in your skin and contribute to the formation of that radiant appearance.

Eye Cream

At this stage, you can apply eye cream suitable for the age group to the eye area. It requires special attention and care.


In this step, you are close to completing the Korean skin care routine. You can apply moisturizer to provide the skin with the moisture it needs.

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Sun Screen

The most important tip in Korean beauty secrets! At the end of all these stages, you can apply sunscreen everyday.

Here is Korean Skin Care For A Healthy Skin with the latest Avon Brochure! If you want to see more Avon Products, visit the home page.

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