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Mascara Brush by Lash Type

Check out useful information and tips for mascara brush by lash type! When you check it put, you will see some good tricks for choosing mascaras from the latest Avon Brochure in the UK!

The most important complement of make-up is mascaras. With the right choice of mascara, you can complete your make-up perfectly. But which one is the right mascara? Let’s check out the latest Avon Catalogue and view the best mascaras.

Short eyelashes

Those with short eyelashes should choose flat mascaras with plastic or bristle brushes to make their eyelashes look longer. Thus, you can make a more controlled application on the eyelashes, and you can get longer eyelashes by dyeing all of your eyelashes.

Straight eyelashes

If your lashes are straight as thorns, a little curl isn’t such a bad idea. For your lashes to be more curved, you can choose curved mascaras in the form of an arc. Thus, your lashes look more curled and steamy. If you are looking for this type mascara, you can find the best of them on Avon Brochure. It is possible to find the best mascaras for every eyelash types here!

Long eyelashes

If you have long eyelashes, you can easily use any kind of mascara, but it is useful to stay away from mascara with a bristle brush, because the lashes that touch the back may not look as attractive as you think. If possible, you can use medium-thick plastic tip mascaras.

Sparse eyelashes

If your lashes are sparse, the mascara you need to use to get a fuller look is the ones with mature hair and thick ends. The thickness of the mascara brush increases in direct proportion to the plumping effect. We recommend using the thickest mascara brushes to complete your makeup.

Low eyelashes

If you have low eyelashes, your eyes and gaze will also look low and tired. For this reason, you can use curvy mascaras with different lengths to lift your lashes. Thus, you will have more vivid and striking looks. You should browse the latest Avon Catalog and see good Avon Products and their lower prices this week!

Here are some tips about Mascara Brush by Lash Type! For more tips and Avon Products, visit the home page!

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