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Rules of Permanent Tan

Get ready to learn some rules of permanent tan with Boots Offers! There are many useful and quality cosmetics in their stores. Moreover, prices of many popular products have dropped now!

Do you want your perfect tan, which you have achieved with preservatives, tanners and extra care routines, to maintain its freshness when you return from vacation? We have brought together some rules of long-term tan that will keep the pleasant memory of the summer season alive for you with Boots Offers!

Ultra Humidity

The primary rule of a permanent tan is ‘moisture’. You should apply moisturizing products to your body every day so that the skin worn out by the sun does not peel off and maintain its vitality. Aftersun products, tanning oils and refreshing care mist are among the products that support the skin. If you are looking for these products, you should visit the Boost! You will encounter unbeatable deals here!

Bronze Care

In addition to your classic body moisturizers, you can also get help from self-tanner or tan-enhancer products that will support your tan and provide extra care. Thus, by not allowing your tan to fade, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Energetic Tan

You will be surprised to have a fresh and even tan like the first day, but peeling is a must. Try the dry brush technique, which will be gentler to your skin and leave behind an energetic, smooth tan, instead of products that are drying and produce extreme results.

Shower Gels

Avoid shower gels that will dry out your skin. A moist skin is a must for a smooth tan. Make your bath routine tan-friendly with body cleansing oils and cold water. It is possible to find the best products of many brands in Boost Sale! View their latest products range!

Bronze Makeup

Your face is the first area of your body that attracts attention. You can keep the impression that you just came back from vacation for a long time by carrying the effect of your summer glow to your make-up with a bronzer that you will blend on the areas of your face that meet the sun.

Contrasting colors

Your choice of clothing is also of great importance in the effect of your tan. Create the illusion of a more bronze skin with light, warm or bright colored pieces that will contrast with your skin.

Luminous Oils

A little sparkle and a touch of gold will accentuate your tan. The radiant body oils that you will add to your body care routine not only moisturize your skin but also underline your skin tone, giving it extra shine and vitality. View the latest Boost UK product range and get your favorite at low prices!

Plenty of Water

Water is one of the skin’s greatest food sources. We have said that moist and healthy skin is the most important point in protecting your tan. Keep the golden effect of summer on your skin with your skin, which you take care of and moisturize by drinking plenty of water.

So here are rules of permanent tan with Boost Sale UK! For more discounts and beauty tips, visit the home page. Also, follow us on Facebook to see the latest cosmetic offers!

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