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Secrets and Tricks of Practical Makeup

Discover awesome secrets and tricks of practical makeup with Oriflame Catalogue! Many good tips and special Oriflame products.

We women are in love with make-up products and want to buy almost all of them. In fact, we still buy some materials that we know to be, and this is in the case of makeup material disease. Maybe even if you have every shade of eyeshadow you still get the same shade, it’s an addiction of women in sickness.

However, it should be known that it is possible to save money by using some make-up materials in more than one form. You can also use a product for more than one purpose with different makeup tricks.

So What Are Makeup Tricks?

You can continue to use make-up materials differently instead of throwing them away. For example, when you run out of mascara, instead of throwing away the tube, you can use the mascara brush to separate your eyelashes, or even use the brush for your eyebrows.

If you complain that your eyes are swollen and you need to put on make-up, all you have to do is leave the cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes. You will see that the swelling has disappeared.

Oriflame Lipsticks;

If you also suffer from the redness and swelling of your pimples, you can take the redness and swelling of your pimples by running ice on them. And, if you’re worried about your lipstick breaking, heat both broken sides and combine them, then put them in the fridge. If you don’t choose this method, you can apply the lipstick nicely on your lips with a lip brush. Also, if you need a good lipstics, you should check out the latest Oriflame Brochure! Many good products are waiting for you!

If you want your lips to look fuller, you can make them look fuller by applying silver or gold color to the middle of your lips.

Popular Oriflame Products;

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