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Steps to Follow for Winter Makeup

In this article, we shared steps to follow for winter makeup with Oriflame Catalogue. You should read this article and follow the steps! Let’s read it!

We are in the months when dry and cold weather will punish our skin. In order to keep the skin, which has begun to lose its shine, alive and bright, it is beneficial to put the care routine into a more stable order.

The exfoliated, dry and irritated skin goes through this cycle every winter and still continues to be our smiling face. At this point, how about taking the right steps in makeup and skin care?
Let’s invite those who want to listen to the suggestions of professional make-up artists to the following suggestions. In order to have a bright skin in winter, do not close your ears to these recommendations and amazing Oriflame products.


This is already a must-have tip for skin care, but it will be really helpful to consider it as a step in your makeup routine. Because the best way to reach a striking and glowing skin color is through here. You have to be generous with moisturizer to boost the skin’s natural glow. Don’t forget your neck during this moisturisation.

Oriflame Moisturizers;

Know when to moisturize

Hydration is very important, but be sure to moisturize your skin after a shower. This is the best time to give your freshly steamed skin that much needed hydration. For extra shine, you can also choose products based on vitamins C and E.

Avoid products with too many powder forms

Instead of powder-form products, you can use a moisturizing CC cream that is warmer than your skin tone.

Change your makeup base

She suggests using a glossy base instead of a traditional matte primer. The subtle glow in the base will help your skin to act from the inside, giving it incredible shine. It is possible to find many effective makeup base on Oriflame Catalogue. Browse their selections and buy the best to get maximum results!

Final Touch

For the most natural effect, you should apply a liquid highlighter with a dampened Beautyblender sponge.

Never stop moisturizing

If you find that your skin is dry, quickly clean your face to spray some moisturizer. Especially in this cold weather, never stop moisturizing your skin and follow the signs it gives you.

So here are Steps to Follow for Winter Makeup with Oriflame product recommendations! If you want to discover more beauty tips, good deals, and cosmetics catalogues, you should go to the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts!

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