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The Most Popular Avon Fragrances 2021

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Avon has cosmetic products that are popular in most countries of the world. Recently, Avon has been attracting great attention from men with its products specific to men. It offers a wide range of products with perfume and other cosmetic ingredients. It is a brand that continues to work based on demand and satisfaction for its customers. Avon has released a seemingly untold number of fragrances for both men and women over the years.

In this article, we focus on the ones for women. They make products that appeal to both men and women, with products like makeup, perfume, skincare and more. But today it’s almost all about women. The wide range of perfumes is sure to awaken your nasal receptors to give you a pleasant aroma. See Avon Brochure for more detail!

The Most Popular Avon Fragrances 2021

It has perfumes from all types of fragrances such as Citrus-Citrus, Fruit, Glutton, Floral, Spicy-Spicy, Fougere, Green, Chipir, Animal, Oriental, Tobacco, Woody, Aldehidic, ozonic. Take a look at the latest Avon Catalogue in the UK and see more details about them!

Avon Today Eau De Perfume

Avon Today Eau De Perfume is a floral fragrance dominated by freesia and tuberose, accompanied by cactus and orange blossom notes. To bring it all together, it has become quite fresh and feminine with a musk touch. It can be called a solid white flower bouquet with a distinct distinctiveness and overall performance. It is a perfume that has a very energetic and attractive smell, its performance is reasonable for its price, and you can apply it to your daytime clothes.

Today for Her will definitely be a worthwhile purchase, especially for those who enjoy the scent of freesia or tuberose. The opening scene with the orange blossom is the most interesting part of the notes, but the whole flower arrangement here is an enjoyable experience. A good everyday fragrance for those who want a flowery fragrance like no other.

Avon Haiku

Avon Haiku is just one of the great options. Kumquat and yuzu notes are fantastic and clean, along with the lily-of-the-valley note are some of the fruit notes that help make Haiku different. Refreshingly cool, lively and clean, Haiku is a lighter fragrance with moist and open tones. Suitable for commuting or daily use. An understated and light fragrance. Japanese-inspired notes help to capture unusual floral scents, and a different scent is created with different unfamiliar flowers.

The next stages, that is, after the time passes, move away from the more citrus/green beginning and progress towards the end of the flower contents. Plus, the fact that it has a woody base, headed by sandalwood, shows the beauty of its base notes.

Avon Pur Blanca

Avon Pur Blanca is a super simple and clean fragrance with added freesia, musk and a little peony. An ideal choice for those looking for a simple-smelling perfume. Pur Blanca is completely light and suitable for use on a warmer day. You need to apply a little more when applying the sprays. We think that a long period of time is required for each of the floral notes to come to the fore. There’s also a bit of musk in the mix, but it’s light and not overwhelming thanks to the dominance of flowers. Pur Blanca is a comfortable type of women’s perfume.

Here are some popular Avon fragrances with the latest Avon Brochure in the UK! If you want to see more Avon Products, visit its category page!

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