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The Ultimate Blush Guide with AVON

In this article, you will see the ultimate blush guide with AVON! You should read it in detail and discover the best tips and special products from Avon Brochure!

There are many blush application techniques for a perfect make-up. But you may have a hard time deciding which of these is right for you. First of all, you should make sure that you choose the right blush when making a decision. Then you should determine the face shape and apply the right techniques. You can take a look at the blush application guide according to the face shape we recommend for you. View the Blush Guide with AVON!

Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Oval face: It has similar features with a round face in terms of full cheeks. However, the oval face has a flatter appearance. According to oval face shape, it is not round when applying blush; You can apply it to the outer part of your cheeks, extending outward. You can get a brighter look by distributing the blush evenly.

Round face: The most important detail in this face shape is plump cheeks. You can apply blush in pink or peach tones to the outer and upper parts of the cheekbones using a fluffy brush. If you want to apply a blush contour, you should apply the blush from the top of your cheeks to your ears. You should prefer peach-toned colors.

Square face: If you have an angular face, your jawline is very clear. When applying blush according to square face shape, you should apply it starting from the cheekbones towards the temples. In this way, you can make your face look more rounded. By applying blush to the bridge of the nose, temples and eyelids, you can add depth to your face and achieve integrity.

Heart-shaped face: If you have a face that tapers towards the chin, just above the cheekbones is the best place to apply blush. In order to draw the eyes higher with the angle of the chin, you should apply the blush directly upwards while applying the blush to the cheekbones.

It is very important that you apply blush with the right techniques to highlight your cheeks. A wrong application of blush can make a perfect makeup look very bad. Thanks to blush, you can learn how important it is to use the right techniques as well as to make up with the right products.

Things to Consider When Choosing Blush

There are quite a lot of variants of blush for different skin types. Blush types differ according to skin type. For example, blushes with nourishing and moisturizing properties are the most suitable for dry skin. As a result of using and choosing the wrong blush, the blush of the skin may vomit or fill the lines on the face. To avoid this, you should know the type of blush that is suitable for your skin.

Powder blush: The most common type of blush. You can easily apply it to your cheeks with a brush. If you only have dry skin, you should definitely moisturize your skin before applying makeup. In this way, you can prevent your blush from flaking off and filling the lines on your face. You can have a quality powder blush by choosing among the luminous colors from the latest Avon Brochure.

Liquid blush: You can apply these liquid blushes with the help of a brush and your hand. You can choose to get the most natural blush look. But if your skin is oily or acne-prone, you should avoid liquid blushes.

Pencil blush: One of the most practical blush types that you can use during the day. You can quickly distribute it with your fingers without using a brush. But if you have dry skin, it is difficult to diffuse; so we advise you to avoid using it.

Cream blush: Thanks to its creamy structure, it gives the skin a lively look. It has the feature of maintaining its permanence for a long time. If you have dry and normal skin, it is definitely the right blush for you.

Gel blush: It is one of the most difficult blush types in terms of blush application techniques according to the face shape. You should apply it quickly, as it dries immediately when it comes into contact with air. Otherwise, it may dry out and become lumpy. If you have smooth skin and you are sure that you can apply it correctly, you can achieve a natural look.

Foam blush: It stands out with its light structure and does not weigh on the skin. It gives a bright appearance by giving a natural glow.

AVON has a wide range of colors. Thanks to its natural coloring effect, it creates a soft and silky appearance on the cheeks. Since it is thin and smooth, you can also mix it with other make-up materials. It has high pigment and is suitable for all skin structures. After choosing the color that suits you, you can have a perfect make-up by looking at the information above about how to apply blush.

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