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Which is the Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin?

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Sensitive skin consists of skin derivatives that show faster and higher responses to environmental factors than other skins. As a result of changing weather conditions and moisture balance on the skin surfaces of people with this skin type, various redness and spots may occur, while itching and stinging sensations that disturb the person throughout the day may also occur.

Which is the Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin?

Therefore, sensitive skin requires extra care and careful product selection. If the sun is the source of life, it can be one of the biggest threats to sensitive skin. In these skins, exposure to the sun can increase skin problems such as acne, redness, wrinkles, vascular enlargement or color unevenness, to the extent of various phototypes.

Moreover, it can reveal various symptoms of discomfort in the person throughout the day. This is exactly why the choice of sunscreen, which is very important for every skin type, gains extra importance in sensitive skin. Considering the characteristics and reactions of the skin, it is necessary to choose reliable products. Clinique offers many healthy and useful care products! You should browse their latest product range and stay healthy!

Choosing Sunscreen;

Sensitivity to the sun can occur with birth and cause sun allergy, or it can occur at any time in life. Various medical treatments or applications that directly concern the epidermis can also cause sensitivity to the sun. However, whatever the reason for sun-related sensitivities, every skin type needs protection with sunscreens. Only in this context, observing your skin and making various deductions can also offer you small tips during the selection of sunscreen! Follow the steps below and check out the Clinique Sale! They bring you the best products with special offers!

Considering the whole body, the face is the region with the thinnest skin layer compared to other regions. It can show extra sensitivity by holding onto the body with its weak fat structure and thin muscle tissues. Therefore, choosing 2 different products, face and body, during the selection of sunscreen will be a much better choice to protect your skin. It is possible to find both in Clinique! Let’s view their products!

Skin that can cause sun-induced allergies should definitely choose products with high UVA and UVB values during sunscreen selection. Thus, the effects of high radiation caused by the sun’s rays will be largely prevented.

Sensitive skin should also consider the moisture balance of their skin when choosing sunscreen. Dry skin can use intense oil-based sunscreens, while oily and combination skins should generally use water-based sunscreens.

Correct Sunscreen Application

If there is a more important issue than the choice of sunscreen, it is the application phase. Sunscreens that are not applied correctly may not show the promised effects. Therefore, some points should be considered for a conscious application. Here are some of those points!

Although sunscreens promise various protection periods, sunscreen applications should be repeated at least 2 hours apart in areas exposed directly to the sun for the healthiest use.

While sunscreens provide an extra protection performance, they can cause clogged pores in some oily and combination skins. Therefore, at the end of each day, protective products must be removed from the face.

If you think that makeup applications will prevent the use of sunscreen, you are wrong! Before starting make-up, you can apply sunscreen to your skin, and in your make-up materials, you can choose products that provide extra protection.

What Are The Best Sunscreen Recommendations For The Face?

Colored sunscreens are one of the most popular sunscreen products for the face. These light products, especially used in the summer months, provide equalization of the skin color and also provide high protection. Extra sensitive skin can benefit from soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or mineral filters when choosing a sunscreen. Thus, the reactions that occur during the day can be significantly alleviated. Dry and aging skin types can provide double protection against both dryness and sun rays by using sunscreens with high moisture balance.

Clinique Sun Care Products;

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