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Winter Skin Care Guide

Today’s topic is about Winter Skin Care Guide with Boots Offers! Your skin is very sensitive to external factors. Therefore, in each new season and transition periods, new problems may arise on your skin, and the needs of the skin may differ. Especially the winter season is one of the periods that has the most aggressive effect on the skin. We searched for care tips for skin that is sensitive, flaky and irritated in cold weather.

Use intense moisturizers.

We mentioned that the winter climate dries the skin more. To take your guard against this situation, replace your summer, light moisturizers with more intense formulas in winter. If you are looking for good moisturizers, you can check out a wide range of Boots Sale! Many top brands are waiting for you!

Support the skin with moisture masks.

Care masks are one of the helpers that make a difference in the skin in one use. Effectively support your skin with moisturizing products. By choosing practical night care masks, you can wake up with a fresh and lively skin.

Get help from hyaluronic acid.

If your skin is extra dry, you can benefit from hyaluronic acid serums. This content, which has the ability to hold moisture up to 1000 times its weight, will fill the water reserves of the skin. Many good skin care products are available on Boots Store with special deals!

Strengthen your hand with care mist.

From the strong winds outside to the dry air inside, your skin is under siege from all sides. Provide your skin with the moisture and energy it needs at all times with a skin care mist you will have with you.

Choose your cleansers from delicate formulas.

During the winter months, your skin is already very sensitive, so do not choose aggressive cleansers that purify the skin of its natural oils. Use products with gentle formulas that moisturize and soothe while cleansing the skin.

Prepare the skin for moisture.

It creates a layer on the dead skin, causes tissue damage and prevents moisturizers from fully penetrating the skin. To reverse this situation, use chemical peeling products, provided that it is a sensitive formula.

Humidify the air.

One of the biggest factors in the drying of the skin is that artificial heaters reduce the humidity in the air. Therefore, you can moisten not only your skin, but also the air with steam machines.

Take care of the lips regularly.

Your lips are very thin and have a delicate texture. Therefore, harsh conditions affect them more. Always keep your lips moist with a protective balm that you carry in your bag and apply regularly.

Apply lip mask.

Lip care masks are also very effective and rescuing helpers, like skin care masks. Care for your lips while you sleep with a repairing, restructuring and nourishing lip mask or an intensely formulated balm.

Use shower oil.

Not only your face but also your body is affected by the cold. First of all, be careful not to take very hot showers in order not to weaken the moisture barrier of the skin. Moisturize and nourish while removing dirt from your skin using oil-formulated cleansers.

Protect your body.

Lotions and light spray formulas are shelved during the winter months. For your body, moisturizing products with strong formula should be one of your favourites.

Get help from dry brushing.

In order to get rid of dead skin accumulated on the skin, accelerate blood circulation, and thus nourish, revitalize and refresh the skin, apply the dry brushing technique routinely during the winter months.

Don’t forget your hands.

When harsh climatic conditions, frequent hand washing and disinfectant come together, it is inevitable that your hands will wear out even more. Therefore, give your hands the support they need with creams and masks with repairing and moisturizing formulas.

Use all-purpose oils.

For dry elbows and cuticles, flaky skin, and many other skin problems large and small, keep all-purpose oils on your care shelf. These products will come to your aid in emergency situations where you need instant softening and moisture.

So here is the Winter Skin Care Guide with Boots Offers! If you want to see more tips and cosmetics offers, visit the home page!

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