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Amazing Beauty Tips with AVON

Discover amazing beauty tips with AVON! We all love beauty hacks, especially those with busy lives who don’t have a lot of money or time to sit in front of the mirror and perfect their looks. With our list of great makeup tips and hacks in this article, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your makeup products and routines!

The indispensable passion and indispensable of women, of course, make-up materials. There are countless AVON beauty products on their catalogue to choose! So keep it practical from simplicity and practicality, you can avoid wasting money, time and product.

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger;

If you want to get the look of Audrey Hepburn with big, wide eyes, try this different mascara application. Instead of sweeping the mascara upwards, sweep the mascara towards the nose for fuller-looking lashes and wider eyes. A wide range of products for eyes can be browsable on AVON Catalogue. You should check them and buy your favorites!

Apply Perfume Correctly;

Spray on your pulse points to make your perfume smell longer throughout the day or evening. Spraying it all over is a waste because the scent dissipates faster if not applied correctly.

Popular AVON Fragrances;

  • Far Away Original Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £10
  • Today Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £14
  • Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £12
  • Artistique Nymphéa Lumière Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £16
  • Petit Attitude Happy Bug Eau de Toilette – 50ml, £7
  • Rare Gold Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £8
  • Soft Musk Eau de Toilette – 50ml, £5
  • Petit Attitude Bee Eau de Toilette – 50ml, £7
  • Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £8
  • Soft Musk Perfumed Body Spray – 75ml, £2
  • Incandessence Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £8
  • Always Eau de Parfum Spray Sample, £0.50
  • Eve Truth Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £12
  • Pur Blanca Eau de Toilette – 50ml, £7
  • Elite Gentleman Eau de Toilette – 75ml, £12
  • Full Speed Eau de Toilette – 75ml, £8
  • Maxime for Him Eau de Toilette Sample, £0.50
  • Lucky Me for Him Eau de Toilette – 75ml, £12
  • Imari Corset Eau de Toilette – 50ml, £8
  • Herstory Eau de Parfum – 50ml, £10
  • Luck Limitless for Him Eau de Toilette – 75ml, £12

Use All Makeup Products;

We’ve all had the experience of trying to squeeze out the last bit of liquid makeup from the makeup tube before throwing it in the trash. Before you go in the trash, cut the opening first and use a spoon to get all the debris into the plastic bins.

Change Eyeshadow;

It is possible to intensify any eyeshadow color with this simple trick. Take a white eyeliner and color the eyelid. Then apply the headlight color you want to use on the white eyeliner. The white underneath intensifies the eyeshadow color.

AVON Products | EYES;

  • Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner, £3.50
  • Kohl Pencil Eyeliner, £3
  • Avon True Lash Genius Mascara, £9
  • mark. Perfect Brow Sculpting Pencil, £4
  • Avon True Ultra Volume Lash Magnify Mascara, £5.50
  • SuperShock Volume Loader Mascara, £5.50
  • Legendary Lengths Mascara, £7
  • Micro Fine Brow Pencil, £3.50
  • Power Stay Shadow Stick, £9
  • Avon True Euphoric Mascara, £9
  • Lisa Armstrong Brow Down To Me Eyebrow Pencil, £4
  • Lisa Armstrong Light Me Up Concealer, £4.80
  • True Colour Under Eye Brightening Illuminator, £6.50
  • Avon True Super Definition Eyeliner, £3.50
  • Lisa Armstrong Dazzle Sticks, £4
  • SuperShock Volume Light Mascara, £5.50
  • Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara, £9
  • Lash Supreme Volume Primer, £8
  • Spring Bloom Eyeshadow Midi Palette, £9
  • Power Stay 24 Hour Brow Pomade, £9
  • Glimmering Gems Eyeshadow Palette, £12
  • Unlimited Drama Instant Lift Mascara, £7

Make Your Lipstick Permanent;

This is one of the best lipstick routines to provide hours of long-lasting color. Apply the lipstick as usual and press half a tissue between your lips to absorb the excess. Use the other half of the wipe and put it on your lips and apply a translucent powder on the tissue to cover the color. You can view the latest Avon Leaflet to discover the best lipsticks!

Avoid Lipstick on Your Teeth;

Have you ever come to a party with a big smile and discovered you’ve only had lipstick on your teeth all this time? Remember this tip to avoid those embarrassing moments. After applying your lipstick, take your finger in your mouth and close it around your finger. Excess lipstick is wiped on your finger, not your teeth.

So here are amazing beauty tips with AVON! You should view the home page and discover more cosmetics offers in the UK!

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Prepare Your Skin for the New Season with an Effective Care Suggestion

Prepare your skin for the summer with an effective care suggestion and Avon products! Are we ready for summer? Spiritually yes, but physically? No need to worry! While we still have time, we can enter the summer exactly as we want with effective skin and body care.

Our skin is greatly affected by weather conditions. It may experience other problems in winter and other problems in summer. At this point, what we need to do is to take precautions before waiting for the problem to occur. This is done with a few simple but indisputable steps that we will make into a skin care routine! Of course, when we talk about our skin, we need to focus not only on our face, but also on our body. Before the bikini season, we are also fighting cellulite.

Use Sunscreen

In order to maintain skin quality and delay the signs of aging, sunscreen should never be neglected in summer and winter. Especially as the weather starts to warm up and the effect of the sun increases, this step gains a lot more. Apply your sunscreen 20-25 minutes before going out in the sun and go out like that. If you are using a skin product, you can choose from products with SPF or colored sunscreens. See Avon Brochure and find the best products with SPF!

Fight the Stains

Stains take the lead among skin problems; Some of us are trying to deal with acne scars, some of us with sunspots. Before summer comes and the sun shows its negative effects, it is the right step to take a concentrated care of the skin. At this point, we can entrust ourselves to natural ingredients. Many products that help regulate skin tone unevenness are available in the AVON Catalogue. These products nourish and moisturize your skin.


In fact, lack of moisture brings with it many skin problems. Moisture support is very, very important for a healthy, vibrant and plump skin. Avon products that provide anti-aging care with hyaluronic acid and herbal ingredients are available in this catalogue. These skin care products offer solutions to dehydration, uneven skin tone, and redness due to environmental factors. It is enough to apply after cleansing your face with a product suitable for your skin type. While doing this, it is necessary to consider both the face and the eye area together. Because when the eye area is left without moisture, it is the area where the signs of aging are observed the most. Avon Serums, with the support of hyaluronic acid in its content, while providing moisturization to the eye area, also helps to brighten the appearance of dark circles.

Massage the Cellulite Areas

I guess there is no one who does not have cellulite problem. The easiest and most effective way to combat the appearance of orange peel is to accelerate the blood circulation in the area. You will notice the effect of the massage you will make with an effective product on the problem areas in regular application.

So here are some tips to prepare your skin for the summer with AVON! You should check this article and discover the best Avon products! Here u go!

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Critical Summer Hacks for Your Skin

Time to discover critical summer hacks for your skin with AVON Products! Longer daylight hours and hot, dry or humid air affect our skin differently than the colder, darker days of winter.

Critical Summer Hacks!

Prepare your skin for hot sunny days with new measures such as switching to a light care that will not leave the skin stuffy, applying sunscreen and avoiding excessive showers. Here is the best critical summer hacks in some steps.

Include SPF in Your Makeup

Applying sunscreen on your perfectly applied make-up may not sound appealing. However, if you are attending an all-outdoor afternoon wedding or having a long al fresco lunch, you will still need protection. Try combining all the needs of your summer routine.

AVON Products with SPF;

Look for moisturizers with the following qualities:

  • Colourful
  • At least SPF 30
  • Light

Switch to a Light Makeup Routine!

On hot days, putting on a ton of makeup can feel like an unnecessary extra layer. Also, if you sweat, your makeup will come off more easily. Embrace the season and cut back on your makeup routine. Your skin will enjoy the break. Wearing less makeup allows the skin to breathe.

Apply sunscreen frequently

If you’re doing nothing else for your skin this summer, use sunscreen.

Look for sunscreens that offer:

  • At least SPF 30
  • Broad spectrum protection
  • lip protection

The most important thing is that you need to protect your skin from the sun. If you don’t, your skin will age faster and increase your risk of skin cancer. It is important to apply sunscreen whenever you are in the sun, including during the winter months.

A Lighter Moisturizer

An intense moisturizer can feel like it weighs on your face when it’s hot outside. Get a light water-based moisturizer as you enter the summer, use it twice a day in the morning and evening, as well as repeat it when you wash your face or take a shower.

AVON Moisturizers;

  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System, £11
  • Anew Platinum Day Lifting Cream SPF25, £14
  • Ultimate Day Firming Cream SPF25, £13
  • Platinum Day Cream Trial Size, £7
  • Anew Ultimate Night Restoring Cream, £13
  • Anew Reversalist Day Perfecting Cream SPF25, £12
  • Dark Circle Corrector Dual Eye System, £13
  • Anew Instant Eye Smoother, £14
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil All Day Hydration Cream SPF30, £8
  • Nutra Effects Ageless Protecting Day Cream SPF30 , £6
  • Anew Reversalist Night Revitalising Cream, £12
  • Distillery Shade the Day SPF25 Day Cream, £16
  • Nutra Effects Oxypure Hydrate & Protect Day Cream SPF20, £5
  • Distillery Sleep Potion Night Cream, £16
  • Distillery Vitamin C-Shot Powder, £14
  • Cannabis Sativa Oil Skincare Collection, £15
  • Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray Travel Size, £3

Peeling Twice a Week

Sunscreen is important and sweat is the body’s natural way of cooling. But both can do a number on your pores. This is where exfoliation comes into play. It helps to open pores and reduce blemishes.

While it’s okay to exfoliate more frequently in the summer than in the winter, experts still recommend limiting it to once or twice a week. Avoid going out in the sun after peeling.

Wash Your Face

When the weather is hot, you may feel the need to constantly wash your face or take a shower. Experts advise against it.
Your body produces natural moisturizing factors that retain water in the skin. When you wash them, the upper part of the skin can become dehydrated. Instead, you should shower once a day and after exercise. Wash your face morning and evening with a gentle cleanser and warm water. You can also wash it off with warm water after sweating sessions.

Get Serum with Vitamin C.

In order to have a lively and radiant skin in summer, you can get yourself a light serum containing vitamin C. Vitamin C nourishes the skin, supports collagen production and prevents your skin from sagging.

The Best AVON Serums;

Night Care Oil

It is not good to use oily products in summer, but you can do intensive care at night to protect your skin from the scorching effect of hot air. Thus, while you are taking intensive care against hot weather, you will also support the regeneration process of your skin.

So here are Critical Summer Hacks with AVON Brochure in the UK! For more products, offers, and catalogues, visit the home page. Also, follow us on our social media accounts! Thus, you can see the latest cosmetics offers!

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Try Now: 3 Practical Eye Makeup

The products you need for practical eye makeup, one of the make-up trends that are getting lighter with the Spring/Summer season are at AVON!

Spring Colors

You can get support from colored eyeliners to bring spring with your eyes, and you can get both a practical and impressive look with optimistic tones. A wide range of eye makeup and care products is waiting for you on the latest AVON Catalogue in the UK! If you are looking for a useful and quality cosmetics, you should browse it and get your favorites!

The Best AVON Products for Eyes!

Twiggy Lashes

If you want to achieve a striking and dramatic eye make-up in a short way, but aim to do it using minimal products; You can be inspired by the intense eyelashes associated with Twiggy.

Natural Shade

If you are a permanent supporter of the “No MakeUp MakeUp” trend, you can draw the focus to your eyes with a natural-toned headlight and illuminate your eyes with sparkling moves to the eye springs.

So here is the practical eye makeup with AVON Brochure! If you want to discover more products, deals, and tricks, visit the homepage. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts!

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22 Hair and Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

The 2022 Spring/Summer season embraces maximalist looks and creative practices while displaying a minimalist approach to beauty. We brought together the rising hair and makeup trends of the hot climate with AVON!

Warm Tones

If you want to try a different hair color this summer, you can fall into the strong attraction of orange and copper sparkles. If you are looking for a good hair color, you should check out the latest Avon Brochure.

Emphasis on Eye Spring

If you want to try metallic textures or different colors but do not dare, get inspired by this look that focuses on the eye spring.

Wet Sparkle

For a cool and modern attitude, you can get help from wet textures and gel glitter on the hair.

Coral Palette

Bring the energy of the warm climate to your lips with a wide variety of coral tones from pastel to neon. A wide range of lipsticks can be browsable on the latest Avon Catalogue! So let’s view these products!

Midi Shag

The grunge character of shag hair continues to be on trend lists, but this time with a medium cut.

Crystal Decorations

Gemstone faces and a high dose of sparkle can be your new beauty portrait in the opening festive season.

Healthy and Bright

If you haven’t invested in skincare, think again. Nude skin that shines with health is the favorite of every season.

Bar Clasps

Bar clasps are renewed with high doses of sparkle and eye-catching crystals and continue to be on trend lists.


For a mysterious and attractive eye make-up, you can try smoky looks that put dark brown in the focus. There are many good Avon Products for eyes. Especially, you should focus on Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner. It is pretty useful and it is on discount now!

Braids That Add Movement

If you want to have a cool and youthful look without effort, mini braids that add movement to the hair are for you!

Cool Curls

Ultra-voluminous and ultra-moving curls are a must-have for a fun and energetic hair look.


Vibrant pinks, greens, blues and oranges: Eye-catching colors are once again the leading role of eye make-up.

Long Pixie

Now is the time to say hello to short hair. Pixie cuts applied with slightly longer tufts have a modern and feminine feel.

Auger Knob

The minimal bun is renewed with twisted looks. You can get an effortless and joker model with your hair that you will collect from the neck or from the top.

Tell me about yourself

Out of line applications, creative shapes, eye-catching lines… Expressive make-up looks that you will tell yourself are another favorite of the festival season.


Renew your summer beauty with bob cut hair at chin level and welcome hot days with a fresh look.

Powerful Eyeliner

Tailed eyeliner continues to exist in the upcoming season with graphic lines and a dominant character.

Retro Bandana

Get ready to travel to the past with bandanas with eye-catching patterns.

Blush Bomb

Whether you prefer colorful looks, smoky eye make-up or a plain look, intense blush is a candidate to be a favorite companion of every make-up. Many useful blushes are on sale with awesome deals on AVON! Find your favorites with special offers!

Voluminous 60s

How about getting an eye-catching and assertive look with big and voluminous hair portraits of the 60s?

Deep Tones

Although the optimistic and fresh color palette of flowers comes to the fore on hot days, deep tones do not compromise their popularity. Red, burgundy and plum proves their timelessness.

So here is the 2022 Spring/Summer season and trends with Avon Specials! If you want to see more deals, products, and catalogues, you can check out the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts such as Facebook!

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Gel Skin Makeup with AVON

In this article, you will see gel skin makeup with AVON Brochure! If you like trying new makeup, you should give a chance to this makeup! Follow the steps and use AVON products! The weather may be a little cold and dry right now, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to be dull or dull.

To get the wet gel skin look, you should stay away from powders and prefer gel, cream or liquid formulas instead. It’s easy to get a summer glow with gel-like skin, which is the latest makeup trend! Yes, we admit this sounds pretty similar to glossy and dewy makeup, but skin that looks wet will help you take that glow to the next level. See the latest Avon Specials and get your favorite at low prices!

Think of your skin as it has just come out of the pool, let’s see what you need to create bright results that will provide this.


Of course, we all know that skincare is the key to bright makeup looks. The preparation phase starts with washing gel, serums, moisturizers, and masks that you will make once or twice a week long before you pick up the brush. If you need a new moisturizer, you should check AVON Catalogue. A wide range of moisturizers can be browsable on this catalogue. Moreover, most of them are on discount now! You shouldn’t miss them!

AVON Makeup Bases

We need a base to smooth and prep the skin for an ultra moist finish. This is a necessary step to achieve the makeup look in gel form. Bases that plump the skin and make your make-up stay permanent throughout the day are very important. Use wet-looking bases, especially on the high parts of your face; You will look brighter and fresher. Good primers are available on product range of AVON! Let’s see them and get your needs!

AVON Foundations

For the foundation of makeup, choose a wet-finish foundation that is compatible with your skin. Apply to your skin with the help of a damp sponge for a gorgeous, radiant look. You should choose the foundation in skin color, it is very important. In this way, your preferred foundation color will integrate with you and provide a wet look, and it will easily hide minor imperfections or redness. When you check Avon Catalog, you will see many special foundation! You should view them and buy the best at reasonable prices!

AVON Illuminators

Here’s the fun part! To get the wet gel skin look, you should stay away from powders and opt for gel, cream or liquid formulas instead. Apply these formulas directly to the high points of the face or mix them with your foundation for an extra radiant look. For the best highlighters and illuminators, you can check out Avon Leaflet in detail!

So here is Gel Skin Makeup with AVON! You can check out the home page and see more tips and products here! Also, follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK!

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How To Do Minimal Makeup Looks

In this article, you will learn how to do minimal makeup looks with Avon Brochure! Let’s read this article and try Avon products to get the best look!

When it comes to make-up, we can say that everyone’s favorite style is very different.The preferred colors, materials and, of course, the points we want to highlight on the face in make-up application may differ. If you ask us, the most fun part starts here. It’s up to you to design the look you want.

However, we can say that the minimal make-up trend has been on the agenda lately.

Minimal Makeup Looks with AVON

Well, if we need to open up the minimal make-up a little bit, we can briefly say that it is to highlight the general lines of our face by using very few materials. Yes, we can emphasize again that the key to minimal makeup is to use less makeup. So let’s say the less material you use, the better, and let’s take a closer look at what these products can be.

Which products should you use?

First of all, it is very important to choose a foundation and tinted moisturizer suitable for your skin tone. With a minimal approach, we can say that colored moisturizers will be much more suitable, but foundation can also be preferred with a thin and less application. If you are looking for that type moisturizer, you should browse the latest AVON Catalogue. Many good moisturizers are on discount now!

When choosing headlight and blush tones, we recommend that you choose make-up materials, especially considering your eye color and the tones of your general make-up. If your eye color is brown, you should choose pencils and eyeshadows in natural shades of plum and brown.

AVON Eyeshadow;

Natural eyeshadow tones that you will choose in nude and pink tones will define your eye form and color with a soft style and make your eyes minimally clear. You can accentuate your eye color by slightly defining the bottom of your eyelashes with a brown or plum pencil. Based on these tones, you can complete a minimal make-up look with a pink blush, lipstick or balm. Your choice of mascara can be the choice of mascara that provides natural volume and curl. A wide range of mascara can be browsable on the latest AVON Catalog. Many special products are waiting for you with amazing offers now!

AVON Highlighters;

If you have blue eye color, the headlight colors chosen in peach and nude earth tones naturally emphasize your eye color. You can highlight the contours of your face by choosing a blush in peach or natural bronze brown tones to suit the minimal look. We recommend that you use natural volumizing mascaras that are not exaggerated in mascara. See AVON Products and get the best at reasonable prices this week!

The Most Popular AVON Products;

If you have green eyes, you can revive your eye color with natural plum, pink, lilac tones. On the cheeks and lips, you can finish your make-up with blush and lipsticks that you prefer from dry rose and pink tones. Of course, since mascara remains among our must-haves, we strongly recommend you to slightly define your eyelashes.

To summarize briefly, a total of 6 products, including skin product, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and optional concealer, will be enough for your daily minimal makeup look.

The important thing is to emphasize your personal beauty, so do not forget this point of view in the minimal makeup approach.

So here is How To Do Minimal Makeup Looks with AVON Products! If you want to browse more discounts and deals, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts! Here u go!

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Makeup Brushes for Eye Makeup and Their Functions

Today we will talk about Makeup Brushes for Eye Makeup and Their Functions. They are the elements that affect our make-up a lot. So you should have the best! The latest AVON Catalogue includes many quality and useful brushes at low prices! Let’s see their products!

However, we will do this in two steps. First of all, I wanted to examine the brushes we use in our eye makeup. Do not forget that choosing the right brush is very important for your make-up to look flawless and more beautiful.

Brushes Used in Eye Makeup

It is very important to choose the right and purposeful brush in eye makeup. Of course, you do not have to buy all the brushes I will tell you about now. Even with two basic brushes in your hand, you can achieve excellent results. Let’s see which make-up brushes are useful from AVON Brochure! Here u go!

Cat Tongue Eyeshadow Brush

Makeup brushes and their functions. First, let’s talk about the cat tongue eyeshadow brush, which should be in every makeup bag. With this brush, you can apply your eyeshadow to your entire eyelid at the intensity you want. Available in different sizes. You can use the larger headlights for the headlights you want to apply wide, and the smaller ones for the headlights you want to work with in detail. Let’s see Avon products from the latest catalogue and get the best!

Angled Headlight Brush

With this brush, you can shade the outer corners of your eyelid in a V shape. It can be used to easily distribute your eyeshadow on your entire eyelid. It will provide convenience for you as it is angled to apply the eyeshadow to the folding area of your eye. By the way, it is possible to find this brush on Avon Catalog too. See their product range and buy it at low prices!

Eyeshadow Pencil Brush

These brushes are not suitable for applying eyeshadow on the eyelids. How to use headlight brushes? Since the tip of the brush is hard, you can use it to apply eyeshadow to the bottom of the lower eyelashes, to distribute the pencil you apply or to obtain a sharp line in the fold area, and to illuminate your eye springs. However, it is not a must-have product in the make-up bag, you can do these operations by using the tip of other brushes. However this brush will provide you convenience and save time. So you should check out product range of AVON and enjoy shopping while buying the best!

Blending Brushes

Our second brush that should be in the makeup bag is definitely a blending brush. Beautiful eye makeup is unthinkable without a blending brush. If you compare the makeup you do with and without using a blending brush, you will understand very well what I mean. Let’s see latest AVON Specials and get your favorite with amazing deals!

The blending brush provides application by reducing the intensity of the headlight, so you will not cause undesirable results by applying the eyeshadow in a more controlled manner. In addition, the most important feature of the mixing brush is to soften the transitions by mixing the headlights together. It provides a more harmonious image by eliminating sharp color transitions in the eye.

AVON Makeup Brushes;

Eyeliner Brush

Various brushes are available for eyeliners, another element of perfect eye makeup. In the most general line, it is divided into two as angled and blunt brushes.

Sponge Applicators

Sponge applicators that come out of every eyeshadow palette found in almost everyone. They are usually very small and often not used at all. You can use these applicators on headlights with very little pigmentation, while applying pigment. Since they are sponges, these applicators will give the best result by applying intensively.

So here are Makeup Brushes for Eye Makeup and Their Functions! If you want to check out more products and deals, you can visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers in the UK! We share the latest deals and special beauty tricks!

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Pink Eye Makeup with AVON

Tips on pink eye makeup with AVON, the last favorite of the beauty world! What is the latest trend that has taken the beauty world by storm? Pink eye makeup that evokes attractiveness and happy emotions! From subtle eye makeup moments to bold pink-centered eye looks, Qootw has something for everyone’s taste.

Pink Eye Makeup with AVON;

Pink eyeshadow is having a soaring moment. At Valentino, Pat McGrath Pantone sent models off the runway wearing “Pink PP” eye makeup, a special shade that would be recognized by the Color Institute. The look was about freedom, individuality and curiosity, designed to complete the monochrome collection. Pink eye makeup has become the popular makeup trend of Instagram and the red carpet in a short time. Get ready to see more of this color that makes you feel happy and hopeful and special AVON Products!

If you’re ready, we share our top tips for the perfect pink eye makeup that evokes happiness. Try the smoky eye makeup look with pink tones. This is a modern take on the classic eye look. Use pink boldly. Let’s be real, you already apply eye-catching color all over your eyelid, why not be bold about it? Try a pigmented and assertive pink eyeshadow on your eyelid. It’s all about making bold moves. If using a boldly assertive pink intimidates you, try a subtle pink on your lashes. If you need something for this makeup, you should check out AVON Catalogue. It is possible to find many specials at low prices here.

Avon’s Wide Color Palette

For a light pastel hue, add peach, light pinkish colors. Turn down an electric shade of pink and swap it out. Try an opaque peach glow or a pinkish tan for a soft glam moment.

For a more everyday look, use brown mascara instead of black for a pink eyeshadow look. Pink and brown go well together too; eyes will look softer.

AVON Products for Eyes;

For night, extending eyeshadow in the form of wings; Try adding a darker pink to the upper lash line for more depth and impact.

Keep the face bare and clean, whether you’re wearing pink eye makeup day or night. No color on the cheeks, just beautifully blended cream highligther, shapely brows and bare lip. So the eyes will be the perfect focal point.

Check out our favorite looks and selected products for pink eye makeup, which has gained an important place in beauty trends in a short time.

So here is Pink Eye Makeup with AVON Catalogue! For more products, deals, and beauty tips, you should go to the home page. Also, you can follow us on our social media accounts and see the latest cosmetics offers!

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Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum & Benefits of Argan

Argan oil has become very popular recently so we shared Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum and some information about Argan oil!

Especially it used in the field of both skin care and beauty. Just like hair care products, cosmetics industry use also argan oil in many cosmetic products. Avon also use it too!

Argan oil is an oil obtained from the fruits of the argan tree, and the price of argan oil is high as it is a very laborious task to obtain this oil.

Also, argan oil is very good for the hair, and it does this by strengthening the hair strands and preventing the hair from falling out. Argan oil adds a natural shine to the hair and adds softness to the hair by making it much easier to style. So you should view the latest AVON Catalogue and view more details about Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum!

Where to Use Argan Oil?

You can moisturize your face with argan oil. For this, first clean your face with skin cleansing water and then apply a few drops of argan oil both in the morning and in the evening by massaging your skin with your fingertips. Argan oil will be absorbed very easily by your skin, but it will not leave an oily layer on the surface of your skin. So you should use Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum to get maximum resultst!

If you want, you can also use argan oil as a moisturizing tonic. For this, it will be enough to drop a few drops of argan oil into the tonic. You can also prepare your own moisturizing tonic at home. For this, you can drop up to 5 drops of argan oil into rose water.

In order to moisturize your hair, immediately after the shower, while your hair is still damp, drop a few drops of argan oil on your palm and apply it to your entire hair and scalp, starting from the ends of your hair. You don’t need to wash your hair again right after you apply argan oil to your hair.

Avon Advance Techniques Nourishing Hair Serum

Spread 3 drops of Argan oil on your hair so that your hair can be styled much more easily. In this way, your hair will take its fluff more easily. And gain a much more natural shine and will be shaped much easier.

People who have both damaged and brittle hair can apply argan oil to the ends of the hair and scalp just before going to bed at night. If you want, after applying argan oil to your hair and scalp, you can gather your hair just above your head and wrap it with a towel and sleep like this. After morning, wash your hair with the help of a mild shampoo and clean it well. You can continue to support your hair by repeating this process once or twice a week.

Argan oil is the most effective oil to remove cracks in the skin. Argan oil is a very powerful moisturizer that is easily absorbed not only by the hair but also by the skin. It is possible to use argan oil as an anti-stretch oil. Especially during pregnancy, and as a natural product to deeply moisturize the skin for dry skin in summer.

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