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Double-Stage Skin Cleansing

Today’s topic is about double-stage skin cleansing with products of Origins and Clinique! Your skin is your one and only clothing between you and the outside world. Just as you don’t go out in dirty clothes, you shouldn’t go out with dirty skin. Regular skin cleansing is the most basic support you can make to your skin.

Skin cleansing

Many problems on our skin will disappear spontaneously when the correct skin cleansing is done. Problems such as acne and blackheads are all caused by dead skin and excess sebum accumulating on the skin.

Let us tell you a little secret to save money; Proper skin cleansing will eliminate the need for skin care products. In this way, you can give up expensive skin care products and provide a relief in your budget.

Clinique and Origins Cleansing Products;

I think we all know now that skin cleansing will not be just with water and a towel. It is certain that water alone will not be enough for a skin that is struggling with external influences throughout the day. Skin cleansing does not only mean a clean and problem-free skin, proper skin cleansing is also effective in reducing skin aging and wrinkles.

What is double-stage skin cleansing?

This skin cleansing method, which is a gift from Far Eastern women, will deeply cleanse your skin. You may think the skin cleansing product you have is good enough; However, no matter how quality the skin care product you have is, you will realize that it is not enough by itself when you try the double-stage skin cleansing.

Removing the makeup you layered for the perfect look every morning before leaving the house is not the mixture of foaming cleansers! You may be saying that I am not wearing any makeup; but we are sure that you are not neglecting sunscreen. Make-up or sun protection products are oil-based products that can penetrate deep into your skin, and these products can only be removed with a double-step skin cleansing.

First stage: oil-based cleaner

Your skin secretes certain levels of oil to protect itself from external factors. This secreted oil moisturizes your skin. When this natural structure of the skin, which keeps the changes in the acid level of the skin under control, combined with external factors and make-up, skin cleansing becomes a necessity rather than a choice.

A skin cleansing oil that is suitable for your skin type will be your number one assistant in removing your make-up, as well as cleansing excess sebum by penetrating deep into the skin pores.

Second stage: water-based cleaner

The most well-known part of dual-stage skin care is water-based cleansers. This stage, which will remove a few small dirt left over from the make-up or sun cream, which the oil-based cleanser gently clears, will allow your skin to take a deep breath and add a very fresh look to it.

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