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How Should Skin Care Be In Summer?

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When it comes to summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the bright sun and warm air. Although this glowing season radiates energy and joy with its warmth, skin problems can arise when the correct skin care is not applied considering the seasonal conditions. To prevent this, you need to add some innovations to your skin care routine.

How Should Skin Care Be In Summer?

How should skin care be in summer? The first answer to this question is to maintain the moisture balance of the skin! In summer, the body can lose much more water than normal as the sun increases the effect and this can lead to skin problems. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to consume at least two liters of water a day.

Use Lightweight Products

Intensive care products can cause the appearance of pores with the summer heat. This can bring along many skin problems. AVON liquid moisturizer has been developed exactly for this need with its magnificent formula!

AVON is perfect for skin care in summer! With its formula containing aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and rose extracts, it promises a radiant and healthy appearance by providing the moisture your skin needs.

Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup

You need to change the make-up materials you use with the summer months. Layered skin make-up and heavy foundations used can cause skin problems by causing a pore appearance with the effect of hot air. Instead of thin foundations and BB creams you will prefer, the skin will give you a fresh look suitable for the summer months! You can find many foundations and bb creams on the latest Avon Catalogue. Browse it and discover the best selections!

You Should Not Miss Sun Creams From Your Routine

While the sun increases your energy and warms you up, it also causes undesirable effects on your skin with the UV rays it emits. Sunscreen is the way to protect yourself from these rays, which can cause serious problems on your skin. Have you tried Avon sunscreens before? There are many good sun care products on Avon Brochure! You should try it!

Choose Short and Warm Showers

Staying in the shower for a long time and taking a shower with hot water are among the biggest mistakes that will cause the skin to lose moisture. It is useful to shorten your shower time, especially in summer. However, you need to pay attention to the water temperature. Taking a shower with very hot water can cause unwanted symptoms on the skin. For this reason, taking a shower with hot water is a habit that you should avoid not only in summer, but also in all seasons!

Moisturizing the Skin

Abundant water consumption may not be sufficient alone to meet the moisture need of the skin in summer. Your skin needs the support of moisturizing products to have a smoother and more vibrant appearance.

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